Interview with Almira Teng

Meet Almira Teng, a fulltime Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle influencer from the Philippines, who met up with Wen, our founder and CEO to help SushiVid learn more about the influencer marketing space in the Philippines! She has a beautiful smile, great style and loves to touch the lives of her audience. She focuses on Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle, but also likes to travel, to Korea in particular! Not only is her Instagram feed already amazing, she will also be launching her own clothing line this June, which makes her an entrepreneur as well!

What is there not to love about her?

Almira Teng and SushiVid Founder, Wen

Interview with Almira Teng

Can you introduce yourself?

I’m Almira Teng, I am from the Philippines, and I am a social media influencer, blogger and model. Print and commercial type model and do catwalk for a few brands sometimes.

What is your specialty when doing social media influencer marketing?

Fashion, lifestyle, travel, well actually, everything. I like doing everything.

If there is one single brand that you could consider doing content for, what is the dream brand for you?

Of course, global brands, like super high-end brands, but now I am working with a really nice telecommunications company, which is the best here in the Philippines, and I am thankful for that. Finally, this year, I got my big break with telco.

Can you tell us if you have like one model that you look up to, or you follow on Instagram? Who is that person you always check out their Instagram?

For fashion it’s Olivia Palmero, she’s really classy and timeless, and she’s really a role model.

When it comes to travel, what are some of the places that you really want to showcase? Is it more museum / cathedral, or is it more nature? What kind of a travel style do you have?

I like to do my posts at Instagram worthy places, like cute cafes, cute architecture... yeah.

If there is a dream place you could go for Instagram, where would it be?

For me it’s Korea, they have many cute cafes. I love Korea.

What are your aspirations aside from influencer marketing? Like writing a book, or doing art / photography?

I want to do art, like fashion designing. I will be launching my clothing line this June.

So, what is this clothing line? Tell me more!

Its RTW, ready to wear, and for now it will be exclusive, but I will be producing more! After launching, I plan to put my own line in Zalora and some SM-department stores.

What kind of style is this brand?

Colorful, prints, stripes

What would the price range be for a full set?

About 1-2 thousand, because I make sure the quality is very good.

Is it more for below 20 or more for 30 to 40?

It’s for millennials, or well, young adults.

If I have to associate like a brand accessory to go with this fashion line, then what do you think is ideal to complement with your fashion?

I will make sure my brand will go along with different types of shoe brands, well any shoe brand.

Is it more of a sporty type?

No no no, it’s casual classy.

Is it something that people can wear to college?

Yeah, definitely.

And I guess only female for now?

Yeah, for now only female, but soon men!

Are you planning on doing accessories too?

Yes, but for now clothes first, and once its stable, I will do accessories, bags and shoes. I really look up to Zara, because I think the owner of Zara is one of the top people in the whole world, one of the richest, through his brand.

If you have like advice for a younger person that is coming out to be an influencer, what would you tell them?

Um, just to follow your heart. there is no limitation on dreaming big. If your heart tells you to be an influencer, no matter how hard it is, you have to reach out and just do it. Love what you do.

What is one of the biggest challenges to you as an influencer, and how did you overcome it?

There will be a lot of insecurities and uncertainties. you will be comparing yourself with some influencers, but at the end of the day, I already told myself that I shouldn’t compare myself. This is me and I will be successful in my own life.

So, one of the biggest issues is insecurities?

Yes, before lah, but now not really. Even celebrities become jealous of others, so it’s really hard not to compare yourself. Once you stop doing that, you will see growth.

What is your biggest aspiration when dreaming big?

My biggest dream for me is to touch more lives. To be able to inspire more people. I’m really happy when people go to me and tell me I inspire them, that they study hard because of me and stuff. It’s really meaningful to me.

What is the one cause that you would fight for?

Young women. But if you want to touch lives, I wouldn’t only touch one category, so I would fight for everything.

So, your clothing line comes out in June! does it go by seasons?

For now, try first, but let’s see.

So where can we find it? Where can we buy it?

Online and through Instagram! I will make a website and post the data on my Instagram @almirateng!


It was super awesome and frankly tons of fun to have had the opportunity to meet with an influencer from the Philippines, let alone someone as classy, smart, beautiful and most importantly kind and sweet as Almira Teng!! It was a great pleasure!

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