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Cassandra Stephanie is our Featured YouTuber of the week!

Posted on June 18, 2019

There’s no doubting that Indonesian performance art student, Cassandra Stephanie, is taking her passion and making it happen. Like many of the influencers we work with, Cassandra splits her time between studies and YouTubing. While she admits it’s a tough balance, Cassandra is adamant that indulging her passion for video is totally worth it.  

And we’re so glad she feels that way. Whether she be singing with her angelic voice or offering a make-up tutorial, Cassandra’s warm demeanour wins you over. This make-up influencer consistently treats her 1,712 subscribers to some classic YouTube moments.

Another thing we especially love is Cassandra’s authenticity. Maybe it’s because of her strong faith (about which she is very open), but she’s not afraid to share her disasters with her audience. Not only do these deliver on laughs, but they show the human side and remind us that all that matters is that we try to give our best.

Here’s Cassandra in her own words:

SushiVid: What got you started on your YouTube journey? Who or what motivated you?

Cassandra: The motivation that was burning inside of me made me start on my YouTube journey. I was motivated to share my life (which has been filled with ups and downs) to the people around me. But, it was initially just a thought, an idea that I thought was just something that would pass by, until I made a decision to upload my very first video about my speech. Afterwards, I felt that the quality of the video was not so good, and I decided to buy myself a camera, (with the permission of my parents, of course!). I felt the need to be serious in this journey but at the same time still have that passion inside of me instead of a burden.

SushiVid: How do you juggle your work/school life with your YouTube life and uploading videos?

Cassandra: Finding a time to edit videos for me was quite a tough job because I might feel overwhelmed with school work at times. But it actually made me more productive as I managed my time such that I have time for this YouTube channel of mine not to stay stagnant. In addition to the musical drama performance that I am actually practicing for, it is difficult, in fact very, very difficult, for me to find time to upload videos and edit the videos thoroughly. However, passion is still as a passion. I am still creating, editing and finding inspiration to upload a better video for my audience to watch.

SushiVid: Who do you look up to on YouTube? Do you have a favourite YouTuber?

Cassandra: To be frank, I do not have any favourite YouTuber but I do look up to various YouTubers, I cant pick one! Whenever I see their video and I think that it is inspirational, I will subscribe to them and look up to how they share their message to their audience and how they attract other people to watch their videos.

SushiVid: Do you see yourself still doing YouTube in 10 years time? Would you think of it as a full-time career?

Cassandra: In 10 years’ time, I believe I will be faced with bigger responsibilities and duties such as work. I would think this career could be a full-time career if I put in more effort on the videos that I make and actually produce the videos constantly with brilliant ideas. This is what I am trying to do. I actually made 4 videos but I find that it was all not in a quality that I want my audience to see, I do not want to let them to see something that is 'normal'. But beyond that. Something that they can remember and think through after they watch the video.

SushiVid:  As a new and upcoming YouTuber, do you have any advice for fellow budding YouTubers who are also starting their channels?

Cassandra: The most important thing about being a YouTuber is to progress forward. You might think that your subscribers are so low, your view count is not as expected, but that does not matter. It is not about that, it is about your passion. Fulfil that passion that you have, if you don't have one, find one. We never know what comes next, you will probably hit 1 million views, no one knows. Just keep progressing and don't stop.

Don't ever get discouraged or demoralised with what is around you, as long as it is right in the eyes of the Above and in your heart, continue.


Check out our featured YouTuber, Cassandra's socials here

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/stephaniecassandra98

Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/cassandrastephn


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