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SushiVid - How to write a winning influencer proposal

Posted on April 2, 2024



Rose petals...........Check.



Proposing to the love of your life sounds easier than submitting a social media proposal to a brand, right?

Well, it needn’t. From our experience observing influencer proposals and brand responses there are a few essentials that will help to put your influencer proposal into campaign content. It’s our version of the 5W1H rule of journalism. So let's figure out how to write a winning proposal!


1. Why?

You know what they say, flattery will get you everywhere. So tell the brand why their campaign appeals to you. Sure, you might be down to your last pack of noodles, but don’t tell the brand that. Tell them why you like them and why your values are aligned.

Suggested text:

“I was attracted to your campaign because I am a fan of the games you sell online. My channel is focused on gaming content and I have a large gamer following, who will be excited to see your latest offerings.”


2. Who?

With influencer marketing just starting to take off in Asia,chances are that the brands you are seeking to work with may not be familiar with your work yet. So, introduce yourself. Give them a succinct snapshot of who you are; your video style, your personality, your audience, your audience numbers.

Suggested text:

“As an influencer within the Malaysian gaming community, I tend to produce game reviews and unboxing videos. While I am renowned for my honesty, my videos are not all serious; I try to incorporate jokes and laughter as much as possible. I have found the combination of humour and honesty has been popular with my 10,001 YouTube followers, many of whom are students that just love an online bargain.”


3. What?

Think about the kind of video you will create for this client. Have a look at their previous campaigns and what has or hasn’t worked. Consider their brand values and how you can capture these in an influencer video to create conversion. But don’t keep it all to yourself. Your proposal should include an overview of the content you will produce.

One of the best proposals we’ve seen not only outlined the video title, length, format, and content, but also set out what was included for in their quote. This is great in the unlikely event of a dispute arising between yourself and the brand.

Suggested text:

Scope of services:

Pre-production:We will consider your strategy and develop a video concept and script to drive conversion.Production:And we’re rolling. This is where the magic will happen and we’ll create your video.Post-production:

We will edit your video using the following software: _.

We will also ensure that the video matches our pre-production proposal.

Final revisions:This is your opportunity to share your thoughts. As outlined above you will be granted one round of revisions at this stage.Output:Your final video will be in the following format: _. 

Proposed video:

Video title:Best games under MYR1Concept:Your video will be directed at budget conscious students who don’t want to miss out on the joys of gaming. It will be done as a story of myself meeting a sad young man who thinks he can’t afford to buy his favourite games, until I show him your website.


4. When?

Good business relationships require clarity as to deadlines for both parties. Usually, that will entail when the date by which videos are produced, feedback is required, final edits are provided and fees are payable.

Thankfully SushiVid takes the hassle out of the fees part – once a brand chooses you for a campaign they will pay the money to us, and we will hold it on trust until the video has been approved by them. Therefore, it’s up to you and the brand to determine an appropriate timeline for completion of the work. If you have any questions regarding payment, you can check out our FAQ page here

Suggested text:

First draft due:DD/MM/YYBrand revisions due:DD/MM/YYFinal video due: DD/MM/YY



Let the brand know where you’re going to shoot their campaign. But more importantly, let the brand know where you’re going to share the campaign. This is your opportunity to let them know a little more about your channel as well as your social media links.

Suggested text:

Besides sharing your video on our YouTube channel (insert your link here), we will also be sharing your video with our fans on Facebook (x likes), Instagram (x followers) and Twitter (x followers), thus increasing your campaign reach significantly.


6. How?

They say that interviewers know how they’re going to hire without really listening to your answers. It’s a sense they get that you’re the right person for their company.

As an influencer, your personality is going to be pivotal to the hiring choice. What is it about you that sets you apart from all the other influencers? What do you do that’s so special? Capture that essence and sprinkle it through your proposal.

Suggested text:

“It’s important that the video does not come across as a hard-sell, but rather as natural as possible. As such, the video will be light hearted and fun, just like our previous campaigns which you can watch here:





While you want your proposal to speak to the unique qualities that set you apart from other influencers, there are certain criteria that brands need you to address before they’ll hire you. In our experience, we’ve found the most important things to include in your campaign proposal are:

A summary of why you’re attracted to their campaign;An overview of who you are and your channel;An outline of the work you will complete for your bid;Relevant deadlines;A social media map of where you will share their campaign when complete; andAn indication of how your unique personality will sell their product/service.

If you can, keep it sharp, professional and succinct, but don’t forget to inject some personality.

Ps. Guys, just like brands, us girls are looking for originality when it comes to engagements. Think outside the box and create a proposal to remember.

If you are new to influencer marketing and would like to become an influencer, read this to find out about the inspiring journeys of our influencers.



Good luck.

With love and hugs from SushiVid xxoo

Written by Elle O'C.

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