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Globe trotting with Shinilola

Posted on December 17, 2018

A life you'd aspire to have, our influencer,  Shini Lola has some of the most jaw dropping photos from her trips. Her life as a travel influencer began in the year 2010 when she started blogging about her travel experience. Now, She has already been to 15 countries!  If you're planning a trip somewhere, check out her blog to get the best tips and tricks! 

1. When do you start writing the blog?
I had started to blog when I was 16 (year 2007).

2. Can you share with us your best travel experience?
My best travel experience was a family trip to Japan. Japan has been one of my top favourite country on the list. It is always great to travel with family because we had a lot of fun!

3. What are the things that we should be cautious of when we go travelling?
Take care your own belongings especially cash and passport.

4. Apart from travels, you wrote quite a lot of articles in beauty, lifestyles and others and it’s noteworthy that currently you wrote some property-related issue, why is this topic matters you?
Since last year, I had join a real estate company and I'm totally new in this industry. I had noticed there are so many young adult still not familiar with real estate and there are so little info on the Internet. Therefore, I would like to share the info and my point of view as a newbie on my blog.

5. As a blogger, you have to keep updating your blogs, how do you balance your time managing blogs and your personal stuff?
It was quite hard actually especially for a blogger who have a full time job. I try to blog at least once per week. I plan all my personal stuff on the weekends. 

6. How do you deal with haters and negative comments?
Previously, I take it seriously. Some negative comments really affect my emotions. But lately, I choose to ignore. I guess I should spam more time and effort on my family & friends instead of haters that don't understand me.

7. How is your experience on SushiVid so far?
SushiVid is a great platform for influencers and brands. I was impressed on their professionalism and arrangements. The staff are super friendly and fun. I feel so glad that I found this platform.

Follow Shinilola at:

Instagram - @shinilola
Blog Link - https://www.shinilola.com/

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