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Austin Li - How a Lipstick Salesman Influencing the E-commerce Industry [Infographic]

Posted on March 20, 2024
Lipstick is not a common product for a male, but it's pretty common for Austin who sells lipstick online on an e-commerce platform in China with the help of live streaming. During the COVID-19 Pandemic last year, Austin Li managed to earn a total of 200 million yuan, which is equivalent to USD29 million a year. Let's see how Austin did it.

Austin Li gained his popularity when his video clips of him applying lipsticks being shared across social media. Behind his humorous image, people might not realize that Austin is highly successful in his industry. He is known as the king of lipsticks and one of the leading e-commerce live streamers in China with many other achievements.

Austin did not just gain popularity but also wealth at the same time. He became a millionaire before 30 years old with his amazing selling power. He knows the tips and tricks in catching attention and persuasion during live-streaming that even Jack Ma couldn't beat him in selling skill.

Austin's selling power has helped a lot of brands to drive sales during the hardship of covid-19. All these thanks to his experience working as a beauty advisor makes his product review and introduction more convincing.

Back when live-stream selling was still new in the market, it was very hard for live streamers to get viewers and it happened to Austin too. With correct and effective publicity methods, the audience views and the sales can be greatly increased at the same time.

Sacrifices are hard to avoid to be successful. Austin goes through his hardship physically and mentally to be where he is now, with massive followers and income.

The success of Austin also proved that live stream selling works for brands to increase awareness and most importantly generate sales. Live streaming is highly on-demand right now and we are here to help if you are ready to start. Email farisha@sushivid.com now to get started!

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