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How Else Can Brands Do Marketing During Raya

Posted on March 16, 2021

Ramadhan (the Islamic fasting month) is upon us which means Raya is around the corner. We can almost smell the ketupat, lemang and rendang. Even in times of Covid-19, Malaysia plans to stand as a nation and celebrate this holiday season together in the safety of our own homes. Ultimately, it means a lot of people will be shopping. Creative marketing plays a big role in your brand this month. For the first Raya ever, people will only be shopping for Raya clothes, decorations, and food online. You might be one whisper away from being the next “Yusoff Taiyob” (if you didn’t get that reference I will include the date ad for Yusoff Taiyob below, have a good laugh). 

Getting creative with marketing strategies while staying at home with limited inspirations might be tiring and can get frustrating at times. If you find yourself questioning How Else Can Brands/Products/Services Do Marketing During Raya, be sure to read further because we have the steps below :

Ads on Facebook/Instagram

In the month of Raya, a pattern of people between the age of 20-50 will check out Facebook groups and pages for Raya discounts on outfits. Also, because Facebook has groups for individuals with similar interests such as cars, motorcycles, or makeup. Brands are able to benefit by posting their Raya promotions in the groups. However, do be aware of the rules of the groups. A lot of groups/pages are pretty strict with their no promotion/spams warning and you might get kicked out. On the other hand, Instagram has hashtags for different interests as well and brands are able to sell their products openly by signing up for an account. The uphill battle for this is your brands’ marketing is limited to your number of active followers. Both problems are able to be solved by utilizing Facebook Ads.

Types of Facebook/Instagram Ads : 

Image or Video Ads

Video Poll Ads

Carousel Ads

Slideshow Ads

Stories Ads

Playable Ads

Now before you decide an ad, be sure to have your scheduled promo plan while the ad is in motion for Call To Action purposes. The CTA can lead to your Business Whatsapp, Insta Profile or Website. Once you’re done planning, choose your preferred ad type. You will be asked to insert the information for your ad’s target market such as age, location, gender and etc. All this information will be used by Facebook & Instagram to spread to your designated target market and get your brand awareness through the roof. 


A lot of responsible Malaysians have expressed their intentions to stay at home this Raya to keep flattening the curve and honor the hard work of our front liners. Shopee and Lazada have heavily marketed their service to provide daily essentials, home necessities, and fresh groceries for this Ramadan season. This is the best time for brands that supply essentials to market their brands on these two platforms. Brands that benefit from this are ranging from Febreeze to Ramly to big fresh food suppliers. (A list of ads down below by Shopee for this year’s Ramadan). 

From Lazada Salam Mubarak campaign for Ramadan

Video Link: https://www.instagram.com/p/B_O0HMYjcKp/   

From Shopee Raya Sale campaign for Raya and Ramadan

Image link: https://www.instagram.com/p/CAKQxyMBSan/

Most Raya everyone would be off searching for new furniture or decorations to spark up the festive spirit in their houses. We predict a lot of time at home has got a lot of people thinking to redecorate this holiday. Brands that would benefit from promoting their brands on Lazada and Shopee would be like Nippon, Ogawa, Ikea, Getha. 

Grab Food/Food Panda

From Grab Food & Food Panda past Ramadan campaigns

A routine for all Malaysians during fasting season no matter your race or religion is to head to the nearest bazaar after work or school. Unlike previous years, this Ramadan might not have Ramadan bazaars as we need to continue to implement social distancing even after the RMO is over. Luckily we live in a time where Grab Food and Food Panda exist. Nowadays, you can provide F&B service on these platforms in the comfort of your own homes. We really hope F&B brands that provide Lemang and Ketupat will be on the apps during this fasting month. 

Delicious ketupat, lemang and rendang

Not to mention, this RMO has proven F&B is a sustainable industry. For those who are not celebrating Raya, they would probably opt to order in as well. So, if you’re thinking of marketing your F&B brand, the time is now to get on the two apps.

Google/YouTube Ads

Brands are also able to run Google ads for your product or service. Google ads will push your website for top search results. If you want to get creative with your Google ads, commit to a video and promote it on YouTube. Software brands such as Grammarly have advertised heavily via YouTube Ads and they are now a recognizable brand. Grammarly YouTube ad as below. : 

From Grammarly Youtube ad

From Monday.Com

Softwares are easier to market on YouTube ads because they use testimonial videos, demonstration videos or step by step tutorial videos for ads which capture the attention of the users. YouTube ads for new software like Monday.Com have been circulating since the lockdown. In addition, a lot of people will be streaming YouTube for Raya songs. Meanwhile, some people might still be working from home during Raya while putting on YouTube in the background. Either way, your YouTube ad will be heard. 

Influencer Marketing 

Influencer marketing can be done for big and small brands. You can start creating an influencer marketing campaign at only RM 100 for up to 100 influencers postings. GoShareLah caters to a smaller budget and mainly focuses on IG Post, FB Post and Tweets. Start your campaign by signing up as a Brand on www.sushivid.com

Use influencers to promote and create awareness for your brands during Raya and get more reach and impressions. SushiVid influencers range from Seeders(>2000) to Alpha (>1mill) with a number of promo packages you can choose from by contacting our sales team, khalis@sushivid.com


Live Stream campaign with Placentor Vegetal & Ecott Cosme 

SushiVid has also dived into live stream influencer marketing which has gotten a lot of public attention. Our first live stream got over 4000 likes and a total of 2300+ views. Live stream marketing, for now, is limited for skincare products but if you are keen to experiment this new wave with us for your product, do contact our live stream team, farisha@sushivid.com.

Nevertheless, have a blessed Ramadhan to all our fellow Muslim friends! 

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