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How to get more views on YouTube

Posted on December 20, 2016

Did you know that scratching your ear can ease an itchy throat? Or that if you want a faster ride in that lift, all you have to do is press close door and your floor number at the same time and you’ll skip all the floors in between? Neither did we until #lifehacks came on the scene. These brilliant gems of information promise to make your day just that little bit easier.




It got us thinking… surely there’s some life hacks that could help our SushiVid community to flourish. After careful consideration, here’s our top 5 life hacks on how to get more views on YouTube:


1. Engage, engage, engage


The Colonel’s secret recipe may be out of the bag, but the likelihood of us ever quite completely cracking the Google


SEO algorithm remains slim. However, we do know that engagement is key. The more that happens on your channel the more popular it appears to Google and, therefore, you leap up the search rankings.


2. Use the comment box


So it’s clear we’re big believers in using the comment box to engage with fans who comment on your video. But you can take the comment box one stepfurther by posing a question about your video content. Make it cryptic and everyone will be all Sherlock Holmes like, rewatching your video to find those clues. It’s elementary, dear Watson!


3. Link everything to your category


When we say everything, we mean everything. You know those comments and questions we want you to pose, they need to relate to your category too. For instance, if you’re a YouTuber who talks about tech, any questions should pertain to the tech in your video – “what model iPhone was Joelle using?” This will build your reputation in the tech sphere, not just for the humans following you, but for the all-important bots that crawl YouTube.


4.  Tag away



Macklemore may have urged us all to pop our tags, but when it comes to video, tags are something we need to keep, because they’re what get the views.


You see, unless you’ve uploaded something insanely viral, the only way people are going to find your content is by searching for it. This means that no matter how creative, witty or shocking your video title is, you’re going to be lost in the YouTube abyss if you don’t incorporate some keyword tags.

Understanding what people are searching for doesn’t require a psychology degree- just some common sense. If your brand isn’t a household name yet, people aren’t going to be searching specifically for you, so focus on the service you’re offering. Using the tech example again, use the tagging functions to tag everything related to tech, so that you will be found when people search those keywords online. But it’s not all about quantity – rather, there’s a need for smart and educated tagging.


Once you’ve selected about 10-20 of these, Clickz recommend you expand on this by taking account of typos and plurals, and tagging any possible variations.


5. Write a Quora Answer that points people to your YouTube Video


Every day people take to the internet with questions. And while some are prepared to settle for whatever Dr Google throws at them, others want a more incisive answer, which is where Quora comes in with “The best answer to any question.” Needless to say, you’re going to look like an authority if you’re popping on to Quora to provide quality answers to peoples’ questions, which you can finish with a link to your video for more information. It’s all about putting yourself out there.




While we are confident these life hacks will see your video views increasing, we’re always happy to chat with our shoal or check out the different types of videos people watch on Youtube here. Email us anytime at firdaus@sushivid.com 

Brought to you with love and hugs - www.sushivid.com

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