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How To Prepare For Your Lazada Live

Posted on May 22, 2020

Hey influencers, 

ConfirmPlusChop has now included services for Lazada Live Stream campaigns as one of our Live Stream e-commerce platforms. Wonder why we are focusing more on e-commerce Live Streams instead of Social Media Live Streams? The reason being people are on e-commerce platforms for only one reason, which is to purchase their needs and wants. 

They might be looking for the perfect skincare for themselves while scrolling a list of unknown skincare as we speak. Our influencers will not only create brand awareness to the customers but will also do a live demonstration of the products. 

Have you recently been approached by our SushiVid team for a ConfirmPlusChop (CPC) Live Stream campaign? Let us bring to you the step-by-step walkthrough on all you need to know before your big Lazada Live! It consists of a few simple steps. 

Step 1 - 

Set Up Your Equipment

Make sure you prep all your live stream equipment and your guides at least an hour before going live. If you want to read more about the preparations and equipment you need to do a live stream, read our blog post on Tips and Trick To Become A Live Stream Influencer. 

Step 2 - 

Login to Lazada Account

Our Person In Charge (PIC) will pass you the login details for Lazada Live. Please keep all the information private and confidential. Influencers working under CPC are not allowed to share any information regarding the campaign to other parties. If anyone approaches you with inquiries on a live stream, please ensure you lead them to armand@sushivid.com. Thank you for your discretion! 

To start your live session, log in to the given Lazada Account, and then: 

a. Head over to the seller's profile c. 

b. Click on the Laz-Live icon below

c. Click on Start Live Stream Now 

d. Insert the Cover pictures, Title, and Description

You will need to insert 3 Cover Pictures. The first 2 pictures are mandatory** If pictures below are similar to your posting pictures, you can feel free to use those pictures. If you want to get more creative, head over to Canva to create your own poster with details such as your name, a picture of the product, a picture of you. Drive the attention to both you and the brand. This way, both parties will benefit from the live stream. You can also include your IG handler in the poster. With this, you can promote the replay on your social media account for your followers to watch in the future. 

Picture 1 - Insert picture of you with the product as the main picture 

Picture 2 - Picture of you and the product 

Picture 3 - This is a suggested picture, the “Just For Your Cover”. 

Insert The Video Name or Title - Insert a fun and welcoming caption to increase the clicks on your live session. Make it relatable to viewers and mention the discount or promo given. 

Description - Include how it will benefit the viewers by watching this video and also the name of the brand. E.g. - How to make your makeup long-lasting for Raya using the Possession.my products! On sale now! Limited time offer! 

Related products - Select the products you will be promoting for the campaign. 

Now, the final step is to click on the Start Live Video button and its showtime! 

THIS IS IMPORTANT - Send the link of your live session to another phone. 

Step 1 - 

Upload an Instagram Story with the Swipe Up Option and insert the link of your live session. If you don’t have the Swipe Up option, insert the live link in your bio until live ends then change it back to the CPC link. 

Step 2 - 

Pass the link to the Person In Charge.

If you want to learn on how you can become more engaging with your viewers. Read our previous blog post on How To Become A Live Stream Influencer

Step 3 - 

IMPORTANT - ScreenShot The Result

After the live stream session, your screen will display a page that shows the number of viewers, likes, and the duration of your live stream. It is very important that you must screenshot this and pass it over to CPC’s PIC. This information will be sent to the brands. 

If influencers fail to screen capture the displayed screen, wait for 5 minutes to refresh your phone and the information will be displayed in their live stream replay. By any chance, influencers accidentally delete the live stream and are unable to send the viewer result, influencers must understand that they might be excluded from future CPC campaigns. 

These are the mandatory steps you need to know in order to go live on Lazada. If you are interested to join our new wave of influencer marketing, be sure to sign up on www.Confirmpluschop.com to receive and review products from many international and local brands. 

Happy live streams!

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