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Influencers, Have You Got Yourself Protected?

Posted on July 29, 2020

Hey, influencers! 

First of all, have you got yourself protected by SOCSO against work injuries & accidents? If not, we have got a great news for you! Malaysian influencers are now eligible for the coverage! 

SushiVid has recently collaborated with PERKESO to provide SOCSO coverage for all of you! Instead of paying a full 100% for full coverage, you only need to pay 30% and get the remaining 70% subsidise by the government! This initiative is effective from 15 June 2020 - 31 December 2021. 

Before subsidies: RM232.80 per year (what you need to pay before this)After subsidies: RM69.80 per year (government will subsidise the remaining RM163.00)

Isn’t that awesome?! 

Better still, SushiVid is here to preventing you from going through the hassle to apply this on your own! We have got your back! *wink wink* 

You only need to let us know if you would like to make a contribution, and we will do the necessary for you! Once your contribution is confirmed, notification of your SOCSO activation will be emailed directly to you by PERKESO. 

In order to activate your SOCSO account, SushiVid will need to collect the below information and submit them to PERKESO:
Full NameICMobile NumberEmail AddressRaceGender
Wish to make your contribution now? CLICK HERE to update your information, and get yourself protected! You may also email to Armand at armand@sushivid.com if you wish to know more on the matter. 

If you wish to know more on the benefits under the coverage, you may continue to read below. 

What Are The Benefits Under SOCSO's Coverage?

Just like any insurance's coverage, SOCSO's coverage also comes with a list of benefits once you are protected under it.  

Medical Benefit

You can receive free medical treatment at SOCSO's panel clinics & government clinics or hospitals, or claim the expenses for getting medical treatment at SOCSO's non-panel clinics with proper receipts.

Temporary Disablement Benefit

You will get paid when you are on medical leaves certified by a doctor for not less than (4) days including the day of the accident with medical certificates as proofs.The minimum rate is RM30.00 per day & the maximum rate is RM105.33 per day. 

Permanent Disablement Benefit 

Applicable only if you are suffering from permanent disability.The rate of Permanent Disablement Benefit is 90% of the insured amount. 

Constant Attendance Allowance 

Applicable only if you are suffering from total disablement due to a work injury & constantly requires the personal attendance of another person.The allowance is fixed at RM500 per month. 

Dependents’ Benefit

If the insured person dies from the work injury or accident, the dependant(s) shall be entitled to receive a payment of 90% based on the insured amount. The benefit is for a lifetime.

The eligible dependents are:

Widow or widower & child under 21 years old. If don't have:

Parents; or

Brothers or sisters below 21 years old; or


The child stops receiving the benefits once (whichever occurs first):

Reaches 21 years old; or 

Graduated from the first degree; or

Got married 

Funeral Benefit

If the insured person dies in a work injury or accident or while receiving Permanent Disablement Benefit, the eligible person will receive payment for the actual amount incurred for the funeral or RM2,000, whichever is lower. 

Education Benefit

The benefit comes in the form of education loans or scholarships to the child of the insured person. 

Facilities for Physical or Vocational Rehabilitation

To be given to the insured person who is experiencing a self-employed work disaster. 


If you have any questions regarding the SOCSO deductions or coverage, feel free to email your questions to Armand at armand@sushivid.com

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