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Interview with Miss Alvy

Posted on October 19, 2018

Alvy is what people call her from the name Alvynna Joanna Joseph. Being a traveler herself, Missalvy loves to share her adventurous travel stories and tips to add fuel to your wanderlust. The more places she sets her foot on, the more she is inspired to work harder, save more and go further. 

1. What is the best piece of advice you received in your life?
If you think something cannot occur in your life, then there’s no way will take the action required to make the goal reality. Your “impossible thinking” manifests itself. Be madly alive, do the impossible.

2. What do you think people misunderstood about you the most?
Entitled girl who get sponsored to all her travels. I worked really hard to pay for all my travels! Or, unfriendly girl. I’m really awkward but if you get to know me well enough I’m actually mad cool to talk to, loud, and weird 😂

3. What is your biggest achievement in life so far?
I guess my biggest achievement so far, is able to do what I love, travelling, creating content, and earning money remotely! Hopefully, more great things to come!

4. Can you share with us the most memorable moments during your travels?
My most memorable moments so far was trying couchsurfing for the first time, means I’m staying at a complete stranger house for free, and exchange our cultures and stories. It’s a beautiful feeling to be able immersed in their culture and their story. That’s my fav part of my travels, to have deep connection with the locals.

5. Have you ever experienced culture shock when you were travelling abroad?
Oh yeah! Like in the states, people are much more open minded in all kinds of things which we Asians are not open to. For example, being in a relationship with more than one person openly is socially acceptable?! How do you do that? I’m wayyy too monogamous, I didnt understand the concept haha. Sometimes, strangers here will randomly talk to u, you don’t normally see this in any asian country.

6. What are some words of wisdom that you would impart to your followers – especially the women, who plan to follow your footsteps in solo-travelling?
I guess, don’t worry too much, just do it. Life is about knowing what you’re capable of, you learn so much more when you’re alone solving problems on your own. It’s a sense of contentment. However, do take some precautions and never too afraid to ask strangers when you’re lost!
If it scares you to do it, good! The more you should do it, I believe life is about facing your fears and know you are bigger than your fears.

But that doesn’t mean, you should walk alone in the dark alley LOL.

7. You always exude confidence with an adventurous streak on your post in Instagram. We are curious on whether the expectations and pressure to always look good on the social media platform has overwhelmed you at any point? If so, how did you overcome it?
Yes it has always been a pressure to me since day 1 to try to always look good, and portray “positivity”. sometime it gets too overwhelmed I skip a few events to avoid meeting people. Till this day, it still gets to me. I guess my way to overcome it is just to always remind yourself that if u don’t love yourself the way you are, who else will? I take care of my body and my mind, if I feel bad about myself, I do meditation, eat healthily and workout to feel a little about myself 😊

Follow Missalvy at:

Instagram - @missalvy

Youtube - @missalvytv

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