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Nur Nilam (a.k.a. B) - Versatility is key

Posted on April 29, 2020


Why be one role model when you can be many. From fashion to beauty, Nur Nilam, a.k.a. B by others, has it all. It can truly be said that B is no stranger to versatility. 


SushiVid: Did you plan on being an Influencer or did it just happen naturally?


B: I never thought I would be an influencer at all, at first I would post content just for fun because I was interested in sharing quality content to my followers.


SushiVid: Do you plan on expanding your presence on different platforms in the future, why?


B: I’m kind of interested in business, maybe in the future, I want to be a businesswoman.


SushiVid: How do you deal with the haters? 


B: I won’t deal with the haters, I’ll just let them say what they want because I don't like to argue with them.


SushiVid: Are there any other influencers that inspire your content?


B: No, all my work is done by myself.


SushiVid: What is the most remarkable experience you had as an influencer?


B: Having fun while attending events, meeting new people, being able to introduce good things to people and being able to help other people when they face problems. 



SushiVid: What are some tips you wished you were given when you first started?


B: I was a really shy person, I don't feel confident when I meet new people who are more experienced than me, so I wish there was someone who can provide advice on how to be more confident.


Want to know more about B. Follow her on Instagram. 


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