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Wei Hung - Bright future, big influence

Posted on April 20, 2020

Wei Hung that is currently finishing up his ACCA yet attending numerous events at the same time has time management skills that would just make you go ‘WOW’.


SushiVid: Did you plan on being an Influencer or did it just happen naturally?


Wei Hung: I did not plan to be an influencer, it just came naturally a few years back.


SushiVid: Do you plan on expanding your presence on different platforms in the future, why?


Wei Hung: Well, I got no idea and I’ve never actually thought about this matter. But, if I ever get the opportunity to do so, then I would go for it. This would not be a plan for me where I prefer studying and I am planning to continue to complete professional papers related to my field of work in the near future.


SushiVid: How do you deal with the haters?


Wei Hung: I would say that I do not get hates or maybe just minorities. I am a person who does what I like or love and ends up not caring about what others think about me.

Therefore, if I ever get hate from society, I will just choose to ignore and continue to do the things I love instead of worrying what the society thinks about me.


SushiVid: Are there any other influencers that inspire you and your content? 


Wei Hung: Not so sure about this. There is currently no distinctive individual that inspires my content. 


SushiVid: What is the most remarkable experience you had as an influencer?


Wei Hung: I would say that meeting new people from different backgrounds and different places is one of the most exciting and remarkable experiences.


SushiVid: What are some tips you wished you were given when you first started?


Wei Hung: Be yourself, be confident in what you are doing. Try to inspire your followers with your own content. Never criticise yourself and to remember to never compare yourself to others. Lastly, it does not matter how slow you go, as long as you do not stop, you will achieve what you want.

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