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What Can You Do to Improve Your Income Amidst Covid-19

Posted on April 3, 2020

We’ve been going through a tough period with MCO, MCO extension, juggling work from home and our kids! Our lives have been turned upside down!  

With almost SME conserving cash, naturally Influencer Marketing spend has also reduced. We have definitely seen this especially when we manage 1,000 influencer contents a month! 

The current period is challenging but it doesn’t stop us from getting creative and keep ourselves upgraded, so when this is over, we will be able to rise and shine again. 

Join us on April 10th for a FREE webinar to hear us out!  

The webinar session will be hosted by Yee Kuan, Joan and Wen from SushiVid, where we will address real issues facing the influencer marketing industry during these tough times. 

In this online webinar, they will also discuss the strategies and opportunities for the influencers, on what you can do to improve your income during and after Covid-19. 

Key Takeaways:

The impact to the influencer marketing industry

Tips to upgrade and spice up your content packages 

Opportunities for influencers - during and after Covid-19  

How SushiVid can assist you

Interested to find out more? Quickly grab your seat by filling up the registration form HERE!

See you there!

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