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5 Reasons Why: You should Intern at SushiVid

Posted on June 8, 2017

Yes I got the title inspiration from the book and series of 13 Reasons Why, butturns out I don’t have 13 reasons why you should Intern at SushiVid, but here are my main top 5 reasons.


1st Reason: Team

We call ourselves a team instead of colleagues *sounds too formal-ish*. The people here are just awesome. Each one of them has their own personality and characteristics. Somehow I managed to blend and cater to each of them, I guess being a president of a society helps me in this part. Basically everyone supports each other and we always encourage one another too. Wen will always spread positive energy throughout the office, which is good. We do have a regular outing together for some team bonding like badminton or barbeque. Sometimes during lunch hour we play charades or Monopoly, who doesn’t like playing right?  Did I forget to mention that the average ofour team is like 26. We are all young people, no grandmas or grandpas around here. 


(The AWESOME SushiVid Team)

2nd Reason: Task

Task or workload as an intern can be challenging but also interesting. The best thing is I get to do different kind of tasks here at SushiVid. So it is not so routine-ish. I have done user interface testing, influencer profiling, influencer management, editing videos for The F Channel, screencast videos, helping outwith the SushiVid Crunch event and so much more.


3rd Reason: Be Yourself #Freedom

When I said freedom, I mean dress code wise. I am just the type of person who likes to express myself in what I wear. So I do tend to change up my sense of style each day. If possible, I prefer not to be constricted by wearing formal everyday. But who knows right in the future, I might just end up doing it. If youwant to wear jumpsuit aka onesies, I think you can? Hahaha. Anyway just express yourself.


(Me and the TWO youngest colleagues in the company!)

4th Reason: Open Space Office

Since it is a small office so the amount of employees is just nice, I like how I can do my work at different locations of the office. If I feel like I want to stretch my legs (since I got very long legs), I would just head up to the bean bags area or the sofa. Furthermore, if I want to feel super comfortable and freaking calm, I would definitely go to the massage chair. Yes, we do have a massage chair in the office. It is so therapeutic sitting in the massage chair. Our office is so open that we sometimes do exercises on the floor, cansomeone call the police because I just KILLED my workout.

(The AMAZING Massage Chair)

5th Reason: FOOD & SNACKS

Yes, it is easy to find food around here. Although we as Malaysian, will always find it hard to pick a place to eat due to the variety of options that we have. We have a really close mall called Evolve Concept Mall just 3 minutes away from the office and Citta Mall which is just 10 minutes away. We can even find a variety of snacks around here since we have Jaya Grocer, 7-Eleven and MyNews. This is what I call convenience at itsbest.


Editor's Note:

Send your resume to firdaus@sushivid.com - Come come! the more themerrier! 


Thanks for reading about how I ROLL in SushiVid. You make MISO happy. Up next,check out  Is Luqman Podolski worth it? 

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