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Is Luqman Podolski worth it?

Posted on June 7, 2017

As we all know by now, Luqman has A LOT of followers (1.3 million to be exact). How many of us can actually say that we have 1.3 million followers by the age of 19 years old? But why is 1.3 millionpeople following him (in a non-stalker way)?!


Sharing is caring

So we can definitely establish that he is HUGE. Whenever he posts a video, it will definitely be widely shared on Facebook or reposted in Instagram. As mentioned in the previous blogpost, the story does not end at Luqman posting the video itself. It continues to spread like wildfire because his followers will tag their friends in the comments and it just go on and on. Some followers actually manage to continue the jokes throughtheir comments.


Why do SO MANY people click share?!

This is because of the content he produces. It is undeniable that it is genuinely entertaining. From there, people are just drawn to it because the topics are just so #relatable. He keeps it short and simple. He leaves his audience chuckling awkwardly at their phones and laptops within minutes. In reality, youngsters have shorter attention spans as time passes. You could say he understands what the audience want because he is his audience. That’s why he is so passionate and dedicated he is in doing his videos. We all can agree that Luqman is definitely a hardworking person, busting the stereotype that millennials are lazy. We work hard for our passion.Passion is the fire that lights our way and it is definitely the strength that keeps Luqman motivated.



Luqman can definitely help brands in promoting their products. Luqman does not use hashtags on his own personal pictures or videos that he posts for entertainment purposes. He only uses hashtags for sponsored content and events. It goes to show that his fame wasn’t further boosted through tags, it was all him and Adib Alexx’s frustrating but oh so entertaining arguments. This hashtagging system also helps the brand as his followers would check out the hashtag since he only uses them once in a blue moon. In fact, he so rarely uses hashtagsthat we fit it all in a pie chart below.

Let’s talk numbers

One thing we do know that Luqman only has Instagram and Facebook. However, he gains a lot more interaction through his videos compared to his photos. The engagement rate for his latest video is 8.5% but for his latest photo it’s 6.08%. That’s a much bigger difference than it looks. With that, there’s bad news and good news. Bad: Luqman doesn’t reply comments which could hike up those percentages. Good: He’s a busy man with a huge audience, those numbers are still above average. And of course, his short videos is what makes him famous. The average engagement rate is 3.6%. According to our calculations (based on 10 latest posts as of 30/5/17), his averageengagement rate is 8.1% which is way above average. So, a message to all brands: GET EM WHILE HE’S HOT!


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