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Creative Campaign Ideas for Mother’s Day

Posted on April 25, 2022

If you’ve missed my previous article, you can check it out HERE

So I’ve share with you about the types of products that could benefit from using influencer marketing especially during Mother’s Day in my previous article and now, I’d like to share with you some creative ways this could be done. 

These are the groups of gifters for Mother’s Days

Group 1: Young adults who are buying gifts for their mothers. Moms in their 50s. 

Group 2: New fathers buying gifts for their new mom wives. Moms in their early 30s.

Group 3: Primary school kids who are excited to buy a small gift for their mothers. Moms in their early 40s.

Group 4: Older adults buying gifts for their elderly mothers. Moms in their 70s. 

Group 1: Young adults who are buying gifts for their mothers. Moms in their 50s.

These are the fresh graduates from UTAR, first job still unsure of what they are doing in life. Most boys will still be gaming and if they do settle in the Klang Valley area would stay near campus if they came from afar. This is the very group for which SushiVid exist as we are the most effective at targeting this age group. 

Where do young adults hang out these days? I assure you they are NOT on Facebook. The twenty-somethings today are predominantly on Instagram. They may also explore TikTok as their primary source of social media. If you are targeting people in this age group, you should be promoting Instagram or TikTok.

So a sample campaign would look like this: 

Product type: Dining experience for Mother’s Day 
Sample brand: Birch by Huckleberry 
Campaign Idea: IG Reels showcasing their meal out with their mother, with great emphasis on the food and ambience. 

I would focus on IG Reels because it has the highest level of reach on Instagram at the moment, you can sync it to Tiktok and it will fit just about right (1 minute). The call to action, would be to book a Mother’s Day brunch at Birch and a 10% discount.

Group 2: New fathers buying gifts for their new mom wives. Moms in their early 30s.

When I think of new fathers, I’m guessing they are aged between 30 and 35. They would be driving a Proton X50 or a Honda CRV. They make a decent living, anywhere between RM7,000 - RM12,000. If I profile a little deeper, I’d go on to add that he likes Superdry, wears an Apple watch and would wake up for a football game every now and then. He has a child between 2 and 5 years old. Where do you think a guy like that would be on social media? I know a few guys that fit this profile. I’d say they are on Facebook and Instagram. 

The younger guys may be on Instagram most likely as a spectator than a content creators. The older guys in this category are most likely not on Instagram. I know this because at least 60% of my guy friends do not have Instagram and even if they do, they are not actively on it. So if you’re planning on promoting to them, you should focus more on Facebook.

So a sample campaign would look like this: 

Product type: Robot vacuum cleaner 
Sample brand: Roborock
Campaign Idea: Top 5 gift ideas for your wife on Mother’s Day.

I would focus on a FB video format because this product would need some explanation. What we could do as well is to share the post with some other “home appliances product” as a collab if possible, making it a lot more genuine. I would make sure there is sufficient gap between the videos so that I could cut out my part and use it to boost post using my FB page to reach more people. The CTA is most certainly a link to buy the product. 

Reddit doesn’t have influencers but if I have spare intern, I will definitely get them started on responding randomly to threads. Reddit is a huge place where people find information and so many of my guy friends are on it.

Group 3: Primary school kids who are excited to buy a small gift for their mothers. Moms in their early 40s.

My niece just turned 13 this year, so she’s just slightly older than the average kid in this age group. I will be using her as my persona. What was Vicky like when she was 9? Vicky loved bubble tea, slime and cute stationeries. She still loves a good curry katsu rice and gets into girlie primary school squabbles with her friends. Vicky watched a lot of YouTube growing up and started making videos on TikTok. She now has Instagram but she uses Instagram stories way more than Instagram posts. 

These kids get some pocket money for school which would be primarily where they will be paying out of, so BE NICE please. I would say a reasonable spend would be RM20 for a starting present? 

If I were to target Victoria for Mother’s Day giftings, where would I promote?

So a sample campaign would look like this: 

Product Type: Food 
Sample brand: GrabFood 
Campaign Idea: What I am getting my mother on Mother’s Day

Believe it or not, kids these days GrabFood all the time. It was an eventual outcome but the pandemic just enabled its adoption sooner. For this group of buyers, I would focus on TikTok. Kids are gullible, so be sure we do this responsibly.  It’s also great to start them young, they have more years to spend on your app than the rest of usIf I learned anything from my boyfriend, it is to treat children like mini adults, they like to be a part of your conversation, and they want to be respected for their point of views. I’ve realised with all the neighbour’s children who adores him and when I watch his interactions with them, it’s really like mini adult conversations. It’s also great to start building these communications early on, consumers in this age group have more years to spend on your app than the rest of us.

If I’m GrabFood (FYI: I’m not sure if we are not suppose to advertise to kids but you could stil do it subtly) I would give away free delivery for children who order during Mother’s Day or Father’s Day. I would throw them RM10 vouchers to sweeten the deal. This campaign would go viral, nobody targets kids, and kids share faster on social media. Before you know it, a lot of them will be ordering on Grab.

Group 4: Older adults buying gifts for their elderly mothers. Moms in their 70s. 

My reference mother for this age group is my mother. She is a baby boomer in her mid-70s. My mother enjoys simple things, her love language is cooking us our meals whenever we’re home. She’s frugal, and doesn’t ever indulge in a cup of RM15 Starbucks. She often complains a popiah used to be RM0.50/roll. Today it’s RM2.50 for one. Many of our parents had many siblings and they all worked (helped out at the stores…etc.) Growing up in Malaysia post Japanese occupation was hard and family planning didn’t exist. Many years were spent just saving and investing to help build a little safety net. Up until today, my mother’s hobby remains, how to make some wealth - for example, she would go to the DAP office on her birthday month to get RM50 voucher, she loves it! 

For my mother, I would buy her things that would improve her lifestyle as she ages. I would elderly-proof the house - put mini handles here, grip tape there. I get her supplements like Fish Oil and Vitamin B because it’s good for her health. I got her ankle guards to ease the pain when she walks and most of all, I try to spend quality time with her. We grow up in the age of Google and there is information and products everywhere that could improve their lives. They may not know how to Google as well, so it is on us to ensure we improve their lives. 

If I were to target me (the persona who would buy these things for my mom) what would I do? 

Did you guys ever drive by Federal Highway and see the Siti Khadijah billboard that says “Nak… mak teringin nak telekung Siti Khadijah” which translates to “Child… mom would like a praying shawl from Siti Khadijah. If I’m a busy executive and my mom is the religious type, and I’m driving past that road every single day home from work, it would guilt trip the life out of me! That I think is superb and effective marketing! 

A little about me, I’m 37, single, founder of an aspiring startup, works really really hard, and doesn’t ever have enough time. Even when I’m at home with mom, I’m on my phone typing away. I try to be  environmentally conscious, I care about Malaysia and our society as a whole, I donate, give, and coach for free. I love all animals and wouldn’t use leather goods, I still eat meat ;( I love Uniqlo and would buy Starbucks just to be able to sit in a spot for hours. 

How would you be able to target me effectively? First and foremost, I would say Facebook. A lot of my girl friends from high school connect with me there. Most of my conversations happen on Facebook. However, Facebook influencers are not popular because of two things:

We don’t bother to follow a page, page updates don’t really get scrolling space 

A personal facebook can hold only 5,000 friends

So effectively, you either hit 5,000 people through somebody who posts often and is a community leader of sort or you promote to a page that has little to no audience. These organic influencers are hard to find, I am not sure any of my friends would do a paid gig on their own personal feed unless they truly believe in it. When I share something good, usually people will ask me where I got it from, or where that place is. That’s amazing marketing, no? Alternative platforms I would use are Instagram and TikTok. I am also a consumer on these platforms, not much of a content creator though.

So a sample campaign would look like this: 

Product type: Supplements
Sample brand: BioLife 
Campaign Idea: Must have supplements for Elderly

I would focus on a FB video format because these product would need some explanation. I would do interview sessions with someone credible like a doctor. What would really seal the deal for me is to show me how the product is made, and the manufacturing process. Info junkies like me needs the quality assurance. If you can make me trust your brand, you don’t need a promo-code. I will buy yours over a competitor any day because I will not risk it. 

So, this sums up my Mother’s Day campaign ideas. I hope it’s given some of you some ideas to work on. If you have any feedback for this, please feel free to email me at wen@sushivid.com

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