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Get to know Pee Yong’s Diary : The Funny Comic Illustrator

Posted on March 20, 2024

1. Can you please introduce yourself to our readers? Tell us your name, age, and a bit about your hobbies and interests outside of illustration. 

Hello my name is Pei Yong and I’m coming to 30 soon! I don’t have much hobby, beside drawing I love watching dramas and do a little jogging.   

Image 1: Pee Yong with SushiVid’s new T-shirt 

2. How long have you been involved in the field of design and illustration? What motivated you to pursue a career in this creative field? 

It started from drawing my friend’s story and started to post on social media. Unwittingly, my comic started to attract attention. I felt a sense of achievement when many netizens shared the same thought with me. 


3. What inspires your design and illustration collection? Are there specific themes, experiences, or artists that influence your creative process? 

It inspired by events from our daily life, jokes happen everywhere all day. Most influenced are comic artist from Taiwan as their comic marketing strategy are very creative. 

Image 2: Pee Yong Diary’s comic 

4. Among the characters you've created, which one came first, and was it inspired by or a portrayal of someone you know? Can you share the story behind this character's creation? 

Pee Yong is the first and the main spotlight. A brat who is lazy and full of weird thoughts, living against the mainstream culture. An iconic old school hair style with a typical artist hat is how you recognize. Along with her independent attitude and pursuit of uniqueness, she can live without stepping foot outside. 


5. What is your dream or vision for your creative works? How do you hope people will connect with and interpret your work through your comics/illustration? 

My ultimate goal is to turn PY’s diary into a professional IP. Besides comics, I hope people can connect with us via our merchandise. If I had the honor, I hope to collaborate with brands to organize an on-ground promo. 


Image 3 : Wana & PeeYong in SushiVid’s office  

More about Pei Yong Diary : 
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/peeyongdiary 
Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/peeyongdiary/ 

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Get to know Pee Yong’s Diary : The Funny Comic Illustrator