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How To Drive Traffic To Your Website From Instagram With One Simple Tool

Posted on March 11, 2021

We noticed that a lot of brands want to work with influencers and at any point in time, influencers have 4 - 5 brands in collaboration, but there is only one link in bio that they can insert. 

What’s more troubling, even with the right link in bio, the influencer’s followers are confused because the user journey from the influencers posting, to profile, then to your website is often not well articulated. We wanted to change that, to give clients a more effective campaign by creating webpages that both brands and influencers can add as an in between page from the influencer to the client’s website, and by doing that, creating a seamless experience for the audience.  

See illustration below: 

IGLinks.io is an online platform that allows users to seamlessly create webpages within only 5 minutes. 

This is not the only way you can use IGLinks.io, you could also use this to create a better flow from an influencers IG story to your website. See image below: 

Afraid that you have to do this one by one with every single influencer you’re working with? Fret not! What’s even better is we can white label IGLinks.io profiles for your campaign with your logo and design for each influencer. 

Not only brands find our new solution useful, influencers and smaller SMEs are nuts about it! IGLinks.io has over 2000 Sign Ups and counting. As a token of appreciation, we wanted to share some of the amazing ideas brands, influencers, and the public have poured into their IGLinks.io in hope that you’ll be inspired to create your own. 


IGLink is also handy to promote your services such as Empayar Kontra below. What is Empayar Kontra you may ask? 

Empayar Kontra is a printing service company for all products which specializes in sportswear. Empayar Kontra also uses IGLinks.io to update their audience about their upcoming sponsored event they are hosting with Raden Hood, a charity body. Below you are able to see their IGLinks.

Imurshopper was created by the owner Rai who has been a personal shopper since 2015. Imurshopper offers a personal shopper service specifically for Rizalman products. Rai also promotes his own face mask line on his IGlinks amongst other products he is distributing. 

F&B Business

With the Movement Control Order (MCO) happening now due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of F&B businesses are severely impacted. We’re so grateful we are beginning to see our product creating a positive impact for these businesses. See how Ainnlee Cookieproject uses our platform to sell more of her cookies! 

Ainnlee Cookieproject project breaks down their IGLinks.io into 3 categories which are good for sale, products for sale, custom order, and bulk order. A simple yet customer-friendly method to utilize IGLinks.io as your webpage.


Books are an absolute savior of our sanity during this time of the pandemic, but not all of us get access to a bookstore nearby but we bring you The Sleepy Cat Bookshop They use our platform to create a catalog for their books and also sells gifts for lifestyle products and candles to enhance your reading time. 


Girls always need more make up! In fact, now’s the perfect time to test out all the different looks since we have the whole day at home to ourselves. Cosmetics brand Kekasih By The Melvin created their own mini-page to promote their products on IGLinks.io. 

IGLinks.io is the perfect easy to use mini-page for all your daily essential products even for audio educational books and memory boosters products as displayed by Mommyhanakidsshop


As we continue to check out all these projects that use IGlinks.io, we were really amazed at how creative people can get. We absolutely love it! Aside from services, FMCG’s influencers and the public can also use IGLinks.io for personal use such as some of the IGLinks.io below : 

Dr Yingzangel, a doctor-influencer makes use of IGLinks.io by listing all of her campaigns onto her IGLinks.io. A number of influencers from The SV Group have made a habit out of using IGLinks.io. It helps them update their Link In Bio in a matter of minutes for their campaign with the ability to insert descriptions for each product/campaign. 

Another great influencer, Pooiinii’s Bio takes advantage of IGLinks.io FREE Sign Up by creating a mini-page dedicated to his band life in Kepong School Band. She linked all of her band performance videos in her IGLinks.io and shared them in her Link In Bio to gain views for her Youtube videos. 

Till this day blogs are an essential part of any influencer campaign. We are super duper thrilled that bloggers are using IGLinks.io to list and promote their personal and sponsored blog articles like fellow bloggers JunEe Stations below! 

Another fun idea is to turn your IGLinks to promote you hobby. Gongchaholic dedicated her personal IGLinks.io as a review page to all the boba tea from Gong Cha that she has tried. Very cool idea which allows you to insert important details or even a review about the drink. 

Meanwhile, foodies from all over Malaysia such as Stepmf88 and Amandahqy did something similar but for good food. As foodies ourselves, we understand the need to jot down notes, take pictures and pour our reviews on the served delicacy. Be it for public or personal use. So, because of iGLinks efficient features, foodies worldwide can use IGLinks as your personal food diary.



The SV Group truly believes IGLinks.io is a useful tool that's able to enhance your influencer marketing campaign, career, and experience. We are extremely appreciative and giddy to see all of the creative and fun possibilities with our new partnership. 

Honestly, with endless prospects and FREE Sign Up, why wait to own your own IGLinks.io. Register today only on IGLinks.io

Find out how to create a seamless flow from your Influencer Campaign to your Website by speaking to our social media expert khalis@sushivid.com

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