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How To Make the BEST KOL Marketing Campaign You’ll Ever Have

Posted on May 19, 2021

Pssst, We heard your campaigns aren’t doing so hot, here, come closer, we have the right tools and methods to set things right. 

Jokes aside, we know it may be challenging to find the best way to boost your brand, but know that it is always within your reach. Influencers (also known as KOLs) are internet celebrities and public figures that are being idolized by the netizens. Very often influencers are also trendsetters because they are early adopters of new products and services.      

As a brand, we can take advantage of turning influencers into temporary spokespersons for our brand. This is it! This is how KOL marketing is born, and it has become one of the most effective ways, if not easiest, to boost brand awareness. 

Now, if your KOL marketing game hasn’t started yet, or isn’t doing so well, you might just be doing it wrongly. Six, here are six methods that will certainly help you in your KOL marketing game, for better or for worse, your brand needs it, and you need it BAD.

1. Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels (or IG Reels) is a 15-30 seconds video clip with music and tons of other effects. This new trending feature has recently made its way to our devices. With its arrival, many were hesitant on trying it out, but opportunists have dove in headfirst without much thought. Turns out, they struck gold!  The few Instagram Reels they’ve made saw incredible numbers, even more so than other features such as Instagram TV or Stories. 

As a brand, if you’re not jumping on the bandwagon, you’re only shooting yourself in the foot by delaying!  

Not convinced yet? These reasons will surely persuade you to try Instagram Reels:

1) You will stand out in the crowd - Instagram Reels is still a new and fresh feature on the platform, which means it is not yet filled with sponsored content. Your brand will seemingly be in the spotlight because there are simply not many competitions! 

2) Entertainment and creativity - Instagram Reels has an actual editing feature unlike Instagram TV and Stories such as: quick & smooth transitions, timed texts, music, and so much more! If you want viewers to look at your content, you better be sure it's entertaining enough to keep them watching. 

3) The target audience you might not get elsewhere - Millennials and Gen Z thrive on Instagram and they love new things, you can hardly find anywhere else that has the same amount of demographics that are using Instagram. Therefore, if your brand is Gen Z and millennials oriented and you can provide something cool and new with Instagram Reels, Instagram is undoubtedly a gold mine for you. 

Here is one of the Instagram Reels made by @juweiteoh for her creative fashion sponsorship!

2. Instagram Stickers

This is an untapped territory for a lot of brands, definitely a secret weapon you can only find here with SushiVid. Instagram Stickers are as simple as it gets, it’s a sticker Instagrammers use when they want to add effects or expressions to their posts. We are suggesting stickers because they are widely used on Instagram. It’d be difficult to not come across an Instagram post that isn’t using a sticker besides selfies.

Let us run you through why you should make Instagram Stickers for your brand:

1) Instagram Stickers are permanent - Once you’ve made your brand’s stickers, they stay, and they stay forever. When Instagrammers use it, they will always see it on the “recent” stickers they’ve used.

2) Usable in most Instagram features - Instagram Stickers can be used anywhere, Instagram Reels, stories, or image posts. This means your sticker can appear in 3 or more different kinds of posts for everyone to see!

3) Relatable and expressive - The key to getting consumers to use your stickers is to make them as relatable or expressive as possible, for example: if your brand sells sheet masks, add a bored expression, or “I can’t talk”. This not only is related to your brand but also provides an expression where this situation is often used in real life. 

Make the most relatable and expressive stickers, users might just end up using them for every post!

3. Augmented Reality filters (AR filters)

Many brands fail to see the purpose of Augmented Reality filters, or it is simply not on their priority list. Our years of experience in KOL marketing tell us otherwise because we believe it will put your brand ahead of others who haven’t done so, and secures you a permanent marketing tool for your brand. 

We want your brand to succeed, which is why we insist you try AR filters for the following reasons:

1) Augmented Reality filters are fun - Influencers often find new ways to express themselves better in their stories, TV, or Reels. If you want a filter that can represent your brand, Augmented Reality can definitely achieve that, to name a few: Countdowns, Putting on a Mask, Taglines, and even mini-games!

2) It is a cheaper, hassle-free deliverable for influencers - The process is more simplified compared to other kinds of deliverables such as images, videos, or stories. All you need to do is have a filter, and get the influencers to use it to promote to their followers, that’s it!

This is one of our own AR filters! We have a lot more at our Instagram page @sushi.vid

4. Contests

People love free things, especially Malaysians, if they can get their hands on something attractive or expensive, they will take up challenges to get it. A contest is very straightforward, we are sure you know the gist of why many brands sought to have contests:

1) Generate hype and engagement - Slap the latest Apple or LV product, participants will flood and join the contest to get it. When word gets around about your brand, you can sit back, relax and watch the engagement rates rocketing sky-high.

2) Boost your follower numbers - Contests often lead participants to like and share posts from their social media, the tactic here is to get the participants to “come for the contest, stay for the brand”

Using contests, you can encourage participants to like and follow your social media to gain entries for a 
higher chance of winning the prize!

5. IGlinks.io

Instagram’s Bio doesn’t provide the luxury of having more than 1 link, so ultimately you have to choose that one link on your website to track engagements and traffic. What if, instead of directing consumers to the main website, you can use a simple webpage builder like IGlinks.io to include all your most popular items, promotions, and company credentials all in one place? 

Your brand and KOL marketing campaign will become so streamlined, because of the following reasons:

1) You can track your campaign better - Using only one link, the whole campaign will have a seamless flow as the audience can access all of your campaign’s essential promotions and products with only one click on the link.

2) Massive white-labeling in one go - IGlinks.io is the only website you can find that is so business-friendly, to be able to white-label up to 300 mini web pages at a time. This will make managing KOLs and their IGlinks much easier compared to traditional means.

Here is a sample IGlinks for PropSocial! A quick and simple webpage to direct consumers to what you want them to see!

6. SushiVid’s Sales Packages

We want to help you and your brand succeed, by showcasing your brand on social media platforms. Choices are hard to make, which is why SushiVid provides you the right options you need for your KOL marketing campaign. If you have a specific campaign to execute, you can count on SushiVid to make it happen.

In SushiVid’s Sales Packages, not only we provide services such as :- 

Instagram Reels (IG Reels)

Instagram Stickers (IG stickers)

Augmented Reality filters (AR filters)



We can also help you with our:

Live Stream Package - If you want your product to be talked about, or reviewed in a sponsored live stream.

TikTok Instagram Package - For you to tap into TikTok territories.

Carousel TikTok Package - A mixture of Instagram Carousel picture postings and TikTok postings.

Depending on who you speak to, KOL marketing can be a walk in the park or a monumental task, but we believe KOL marketing is one of the best methods to boost your brand, that is why we want you to trust in SushiVid to help you achieve your goals.

Perhaps you have a better idea of what exactly you want for your campaign? Seek us out with our chatbot, or comment under our post to let us know what you think!

Follow these 6 methods, or work with us to achieve STONKS for your campaign.

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