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IGLinks: Own Your Mini IG Webpages With Unlimited Promo Links This 11.11

Posted on December 2, 2020

Hey SushiVidFam, 

In case you missed our previous blog post on How to Optimise Your Instagram Profile with IGLinks, we took the courtesy of dedicating this whole blog and elaborate in further detail on how you can optimize your Instagram profile by breaking the 1 link limit with our newest partnership -- iglinks.io for your influencer marketing campaign. 

In our previous blog, we have included methods you can use IGLinks on your own as an independent company and how it can be beneficial for you. Do click on our previous blog so you don’t miss out on the gist and the special FREE  subscription and FREE upgrade we are offering. Read more on our previous blog HERE

If you have read our last blog post, congrats! You are one of the many forward-thinking individuals who understand the importance of the Link In Bio call-to-action for your brand. Let’s get that brain churning while unfolding today’s chapter of Why Use IGLinks for your 11.11 promo. 

The 11.11 hype 

As you know, 11.11 is around the corner and this date is a big one. The famous 11.11 sale was popularized 3 to 4 years back by 11-street in Malaysia. Since then, customers have associated 11.11 to a massive reduction in prices, sales, free shipping, and vouchers. Don’t get me wrong, all the other sale dates are cool too but there’s just something about 11.11 that makes you want to shop and forget all your troubles and expense limits. 

Which brings me to another point specifically for my fellow Malaysians, we are currently in the midst of a Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO) until the 31st October 2020. Based on our first MCO in March, we have come to a hypothesis based on close observation and research of human behavior (including my own LOL) which is - humans tend to spend more during MCO because they have nowhere to go but browsing through online sales, promos and vouchers. This has given a positive impact on society by distracting the minds of their confined living condition and plan for the future. In simpler terms, retail therapy is one of the guilty pleasures our society is willing to spend on. 

All theories aside, below are a few tips of the trade we have found helpful to serve your marketing campaigns better. 

Optimize your Swipe Up ads and Instagram Profile &  Bio for 11.11

As most of us are working from home at the moment, brands and influencers will boost marketing ads on Facebook or Instagram. Don’t let your ads go in vain by directing your audience to only one link. Optimize your call-to-action by utilizing iglinks.io to segregate your promos based on the target audience. 

You are able to use IGLinks to build a mini-page of promotions based on gender. For example, you can create two IGLinks for different genders and promos - one for males and one for females. Use the same ad but with two different links that are targeted to different audience genders. This way instead of the audience clicking off if they can’t find anything specific in the ad, the ad will be customized to target their gender and interest.

Another way this method can be used for a different category crossed with the audience’s interest, gender, and age. For females between the age of 26 - 40, you can include links to cooking appliances, home decorations, women’s wear, promos below RM1 (for the impulsive buyers), makeup, skincare and so much more. The same goes for the opposite gender. 

By using IGLinks, you can also add a section for your audience to claim vouchers such as Free Shipping vouchers or Promo Code vouchers. The possibilities with IGLinks are endless. You can create a mini page from used cars to property sales or rentals on IGLinks. 

IGLinks for brand exposure & awareness

Don’t forget to include testimonials from your brand/product or service on IGLinks as well. You can direct the audience to Facebook or Youtube videos from clients. If your company has a large agent-based mechanism, you can include all of your agents for different locations. 

Customers always appreciate the convenience. So, knowing an agent is right around the corner from them during 11.11 will help nudge them in the right direction. You can also link your IGLinks directly to your WhatsApp or your customer service WhatsApp for last-minute packages or changes. 

Hitting that marketing promo right this 11.11 with IGLinks

For brands that are thinking of signing up with SushiVid for your 11.11 promo.  We have great news! We are able to whitelist your IGLinks to any picture of your choosing and design for FREE! 

Furthermore, influencers in your campaign with Swipe Up Link options will be asked to insert your IGLinks with the unlimited options to your brand promo. Automatically increasing your SEO and SEM on Google because multiple people are talking about your brand during the campaign duration. 

Frankly, IGLinks will verify your money’s worth. Instead of influencers streamlining their audience to one platform, you are able to efficiently direct them to promos which are relatable. Not forgetting, the iGLinks will be in their Link In Bio as well. 

In your report, our team will be able to provide the number of clicks for each link as well. Don’t let it end there. Use the data to target ur audience for promos to come in the near future for the collected audience.

As one of the pioneers in the Influencer Marketing industry in ASEAN, we create IGLinks for the benefit of brands and influencers. We are pleased to share this milestone in influencer marketing by giving it back to the community that has supported us since day one. On a final note, the first 1000 sign-ups to iginks.io will receive a FREE subscription and upgrade to our Basic package (worth of RM19/per month). 

Meanwhile, let’s check out our sales packages for your upcoming influencer marketing campaigns! 

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