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IGLinks: The Solution to Optimise Your Instagram Profile

Posted on October 23, 2020

Helluuuu SushiVidFam! 

This blog is about the importance of IGLinks for you! So, settle down, get comfy and get your Starbucks while we spit some facts your way about IGLinks. We are proud to introduce our new partnership - IGLinks to all of you! It is a handy little tool created for you and I. 

Being one of the pioneers in the influencer marketing industry, we have decided to take actions into our own hands. No longer will we allow brands and influencers be limited to one link in their bio/swipe up link for promo collaborations. 

Why is IGLinks Important for influencers? 

As an influencer, if you have ever found yourself with the concerns below, then honey, iglinks.io is your saviour.

“Crap! I have to pass on this amazing brand collaboration because I promised another brand to put their Link in My Bio for a few days. Wished I could do them both".

“I wish there was an easier way for brands to know I have more than 1 social media account to promote them, that way I can get more payment”.

“I wanna sell my own products but I have too many collaborations to put in my Link In Bio. Maybe sometime in the future”.

IGLinks’ motto is “One Link To Rule Them All”. Hence, you can include unlimited links on this platform for any purpose. Let’s break it down into simpler terms. When we said it’s a platform where you can store unlimited links, we have thought long and hard about the endless problems we have resolved.

You can easily showcase all of your social media accounts on IGLinks which you can benefit from financially

You can link it to your business WhatsApp or email so brands can contact you easily and you will never miss out an opportunity for a collaboration

You can use to promote your other social media accounts to your audience

You can use to store all of your previous collaborations (be it videos, pictures or live stream links) if you feel like they are cluttering your IG feed

You can include your e-commerce store. Checkout ConfirmPlusChop to learn how you can earn commissions from promoting products. Earn that side hustle left & right 

The benefits are endless and we are just getting started. With IGLinks, you can also select pre-designed themes. We have all gone through the Myspace/Blog era and there’s nothing we love more than designing our own page. However, when it comes to business, we have to keep it short & sweet. No influencer has time to design their page when you’re busy with your drafts for postings. So, we humbly pre-designed template themes for you to choose from which best fit your personality.

SushiVid believes good things come in moderation. That is why for the lowest subscription fee in town you are entitled to more access on IGLinks. Forget about the hassle of changing your Link In Bio every day. Be a boss and add your collaborations to your IGLink today & build your KOL portfolio on IGLinks now.

Why is IGLinks Important for Brands? 

Now let’s get down to business and talk about how your brand can benefit from IGLinks? First of all, we are happy to announce that for brands that are working with SushiVid for your marketing campaigns, we are able to whitelist the IGLinks page for you. 

SushiVid collaborated with Lazada for their 9.9 SALE Campaign. We were able to whitelist Lazada’s IGLinks for the KOLs to include in their Link In Bio and for their Swipe Up story link. You may wonder why Lazada didn’t direct the KOLs’ audience to their platform instead of using IGLinks? 

First and foremost, with IGLinks brands are not limited to just one link for the KOLs to promote. Instead of just directing the audience to their website, they are able to insert a few links to promote their campaign. 

Hypothetically, you can design your IGLinks according to your choosing. Your first link can direct the audience to your main website page. The second link might bring users to Hot Selling Products happening during 9.9. Meanwhile, the third link will direct users to Coupons and Vouchers. 

It helps streamline your audience from Instagram to your website with multiple link choices seamlessly. This will entirely create a better flow for users and market your promotions simultaneously. 

Did we also mention that IGLinks is able to track your influencer marketing campaigns accurately? We are able to provide you with accurate insights in your campaign report to track actions taken on your IGLinks. In other words, you’re able to plan for better influencer marketing campaigns in the future. 

A lot of times with influencer marketing, brands feel they are shooting in the dark with the influencers. The main question is “Which influencer can help generate clicks to my website”. The ones you know to be good are crazily expensive and the ones you may have chosen to run with might not be as good. 

Fortunately, with IGLinks, we are able to provide you with the numbers for a better influencer marketing experience. You can get even more specific by categorising your links based on gender, interest and hobby. 

A broad example below : 

Your brand has both female and male products

Whitelist your IGLinks with 2 links (for male & female products)

In your campaign report, we will provide the number of clicks for each link. Based on the report, you are able to get the insights you need to get to your pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. 

Not to mention, IGLinks acts as a mini page for you on the influencer’s social media platform. Remember, just like any publicity is good publicity. Any SEO/SEM content for your brand will help boost your visibility on Google. 

If you have a campaign with 50 influencers, your brand will have 50 mini pages in all of the KOLs’ personal IGLinks. Alongside, the KOLs’ postings, Link In Bio and the other campaign requirements. 

Do not let your campaign go to waste by limiting it to one link. Head over to iglink.io now and utilise that one link without any limit today! 

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