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Pei Wen- Beauty at it’s finest

Posted on April 17, 2020

Piewen is not just another beautiful face along with her humble attitude and strong charisma. Get hooked on her content that you never knew you needed.  

SushiVid: Did you plan on being an Influencer or did it just happen naturally?

PeiWen: Never thought of it before. It just came naturally one day when someone reached out to me for product sponsorship review, and it all started from there.

SushiVid: Do you plan on expanding your presence on different platforms in the future, why?


PeiWen: Yes, currently I have written some traveling blogs to share my experiences whenever I travel. I wish to keep it up to share my experiences with my followers. In the future, I will expand to Youtube by shooting some videos in hopes of becoming a Youtuber.

SushiVid: How do you deal with haters?


PeiWen: For haters, I always choose to ignore them because it will be a waste of time if I cared about the negativity and forget to focus on the positive things in life. With this, I can focus more on my jobs and content in order to create greater things or to improve myself.


SushiVid: Are there any other influencers that inspire you and your content?  


PeiWen: Yes definitely! “Imjennim” has always been my role model and inspiration to keep me going. I believe that one day, I can be like her, creating great content and inspiring others to improve oneself, as well as spreading positivity to this world.

SushiVid: What is the most remarkable experience you had as an influencer?


PeiWen: The most remarkable experience was when I was reached out by someone to shoot a traveling video or vlog in Taiwan. Unfortunately, I missed this opportunity due to timing issues. Therefore, as an influencer, sometimes we will miss some great opportunity, but it’s okay because I believe there are still chances someday.

SushiVid: What are some tips you wished you were given when you first started?


PeiWen: I wish that someone would guide me when I first started my influencer’s career. However, as time goes by, I don’t really think tips are necessary because everyone’s journey might be different, if you don’t try something because of the advice given by someone, then you would have missed a golden opportunity. Therefore, I think that the real tip for someone who needs one should be “treat everyone you meet with a sincere heart“.

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