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Shin Ni - Aesthetics is her game

Posted on April 17, 2020

Juggling between studies and jobs, Shin Ni for one is above it all. Being able to attend events yet overcoming her studies with flying colors. 

SushiVid: Did you plan on being an Influencer or did it just happen naturally?


Shin_ni: It actually came naturally.


SushiVid: Do you plan on expanding your presence on different platforms in the future, why?


Shin_ni: Most probably not, because I don't think I would be able to handle it.


SushiVid: How do you deal with the haters? 


Shin_ni: I will just ignore them, I’ll just be myself because I feel that people should not change and act differently just to make others like them.


SushiVid: Are there any other influencers that inspire you and your content? 


Shin_ni: Yes, one of my biggest go-to influencer would be @diana_korkunova. Her content truly inspires my overall content and aesthetics.


SushiVid: What are some tips you wished you were given when you first started?


Shin_ni: I wish there was someone that could have provided me with tips to better my content and also the filters for the photos 


Check Shin Ni's Instagram out: @Shin_ni

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