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Ready To Kick Start Your CNY Promo?

Posted on January 14, 2021

Hey SushiVidFam,

Make way for 2021! I said this 365 days ago, but Happy New Year #SushiVidFam 🎊 🎉 . 

You know what it means! Chinese New Year (CNY) is right around the corner, and it is the time to start planning your CNY promo campaign. CNY falls in the first quarter of every year. Therefore, the impression you create with this first promotion will leave a mark on your target market for all future promos throughout the year. As it is the holiday season, people are known to splurge more than they usually do. Although Chinese New Year is in February, it is always the smart move to get a head start in your marketing strategy.

Be closer to your target market by increasing your lead generation with influencer marketing this CNY! Promote your product using influencer collaboration. We have listed down a few influencer marketing strategies for your upcoming CNY campaign below. Here is how you can do it better this CNY. 

1. Multiple deliverables 

If you want to go all out on your campaign, we recommend creating it with multiple deliverables. Deliverables are the creative content influencers will prepare for your campaign. Instead of putting all your eggs (contents) in one basket (social media platform or type of content), do expand your reach by implementing multiple deliverables. 

The sky's the limit when it comes down to the type of content you can package together. A standard example would be Instagram Story and Posting. However, by asking influencers to post on different platforms, you will get an even higher reach for your campaign. Include variations like pictures, videos, Tik Tok, live stream, and so much more. Go big or go home with your CNY promo. Give your campaign that extra oomph by asking influencers to post on multiple platforms. Start from the mother ships Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok until Bigo and Telegram. 

2. Alpha influencer marketing 

Another way to make an impact for your CNY promo is by hiring an alpha influencer. Alpha influencers are influencers with more than 300k followers. They are the big players in the industry. 

This CNY, do get these influencers to advertise your promotion on their social media platforms and watch the lead generation begin. There are two effective ways you can utilise alphas. Firstly, you can hire several alpha influencers for your campaign and blast the content all out for CNY. On the other hand, pay influencers for a long term campaign. It means creating campaigns with phases for your promotion. It will start with a pre-launch, launch and post-launch promo. The SV Group has an array of alpha influencers to choose from for every industry. 

3. Tik Tok content 

It is no secret Tik Tok has the power to make products and promotions trend. Log onto Tik Tok, and you will see big brands boosting their content on Tik Tok. Tik Tok is not only a platform for entertainment but also education and promotion. Start your own Tik Tok campaign now with some funky dance moves or creative campaign stunts. 

Feel free to speak to our influencer marketing experts on what you can do to start your Tik Tok campaign today at khalis@sushivid.com.

4. Video content 

Thanks to the Tik Tok influencers, we as a society are more drawn to hear explanations from videos than reading captions for pictures. Therefore, we highly recommend you to plan a creative video content for your campaign this CNY. 

When it comes to videos, no one wants to watch a minute-long video. So, brands or agencies need to be smart and come up with content that is precise and straight to the point. The video needs to seem genuine and authentic for viewers to watch. If you are thinking of going in the opposite direction and going full-on advertisement, it is fine, but the content quality must be on par with an ad. If viewers sense that they are watching an ad, the probability of them scrolling pass is high. 

5. Live stream 

Live streams are also a fun and effective influencer marketing strategy to promote your product for CNY. There are a few ways you can arrange a live stream. Either do it on your social media platform (we would advise this if you have a large follower size) or do it on the influencer's social media platform. 

You could also build your followers by incorporating a joined live session between you and the influencer. To do this, you will need to ensure the influencer has a steady internet connection along with your products and a good background. Choosing the right influencer is also another crucial step for a live stream campaign. The SV Group has a few influencers that are well trained and experienced in live streams. Talk to us if you are keen to proceed. 

6. GoShareLah 

It's an affordable but effective strategy to advertise your product or service via Twitter. Similar to Tik Tok, Twitter is known to make products, people, and new trends. 

On our partner platform GoShareLah you can ask influencers to Retweet your Tweet for as low as RM2. Some of the brands that are using GoShareLah are Carousell and Prudential. For only RM50, you can create a campaign with over 20k reach. Just make sure your tweet is eye-catching! 

Work with influencers seamlessly for your promotion this Chinese New Year through our platform or contact our experts today at khalis@sushivid.com

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