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Tips to Gain Your Confidence for Live Stream

Posted on June 8, 2023

Hey SushiVidfam,

Live streaming has been catching on. Did you know rapper 6ix9ine broke the all-time record for most viewers in one live stream with over 300 000 viewers? That news broke the internet the next day which made 6ix9ine’s name trended on Twitter. More clout on the internet leads to more followings, more engagements and better profile for brand sponsors. 

Hence, The SV Group created a platform that offers influencers live stream campaigns under Sushivid Live. To know more about SushiVid Live be sure to Sign Up on our website.

We understand that not everyone has experience with live stream campaigns and it may look rather intimidating at first. Having to be on live for 30 mins to 1 hour talking about a product you aren’t very familiar with. Trust us, it gets easier with experience. After countless live stream campaigns, The SV Group wants to share our pro tips on How To Be Confident In Live Stream. We’ll list the simple steps below and hope it helps all of you guys in your future live streams. 

Step 1 - Go in front of a mirror and practice your script or brief 

Practising your script in front of a mirror is the best tip out there. You can practice your good angles and gain more confidence gradually from mastering your script. Once you’ve gained more confidence you can move onto Step 2. 

Step 2 - Record a video practising your live stream. 

By recording your live stream, you can rewatch it later on and take notes on what you did right and how you can improve. It would help to get another third opinion from your family members or friends. You can even ask any SushiVid members who would be happy to help in your progress to be a better live streamer. 

Step 3 - Try to do a rehearsal live on your own social media. 

We highly encourage you to do a rehearsal live stream on your personal account first. The reason being you will feel more comfortable with your own viewers. You interact with your followers regularly. You will feel more confident if you go live regularly such as once a week. Pro tip: going live will help increase your followers and profile engagement. Therefore, rehearsing your live stream will pay off for you too!  For paid campaigns, we really recommend practising your live session on your personal account first to avoid any slip-ups for the real live stream. This is because sometimes the brands will join the live stream to support & cheer you on. 

Step 4 - Your live stream title plays a HUGE role.

Make sure your live stream title is eye-catching. Including the promo in the title is a good example of an eye-catching title. E.g - “RM5 off all Anlene products in this live stream”. This example included the promo with an urgent CTA that will increase your live stream view. 

Step 5 - Be comfortable.

Try to be in your most comfortable state while doing your live stream. Make sure you’re comfortable with the environment and in your own skin. If you feel anxious and awkward it will show in your live stream. A pro tip to get over ur butterfly is to play music. This is a major contributor to models in their photoshoot. In order for them to take that million-dollar picture, models will normally play the songs they jam to onset. Let loose and try to dance and sing around the room to your songs for 5 mins before you go live. You can even play songs in the background of your live stream. Just make sure the music is no louder than your voice. 

Step 6 - Be yourself.

Pro tip no 5 encourages you to be yourself in front of the camera. Talk to the viewers like you’re sharing a product you really love with your friends. Your viewers are genuine people and in order to get them genuinely interested, you need to speak from the heart. 

Step 7 -  Finding the balance between hard sell & soft sell. 

The common question we normally receive is How Do I Promote Products On Live Stream. Instead of repeating the phrase “Buy This Now!” again & again, try other methods of persuasive selling. Inform viewers of the promos you are offering and the timeframe for the promo. It will create a sense of urgency for the viewers to add the product to their cart. Also, you can describe the product to them in detail which includes the ingredients and benefits. Another form of persuasion for the viewer is with a live demonstration of the products. Make it informative but casual and funny too. Mention how the product has affected your life and share with them how it used to be. 

Step 8 - Gaining viewers on your live stream. 

The number of viewers tuning in to your live stream depends on the social investment you planned way before you go live. There are a few things you can do before your live stream to invite people to join and to increase your viewers. If you want to read more on those Pro Tips be sure to read more about them HERE.

If you’re interested to start live stream influencer marketing, do sign up HERE

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