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SushiVid - the First Transparent Influencer Marketing Company!

Posted on June 8, 2023

Hi everyone!

We have a new announcement! SushiVid will be, today onwards, the Transparent Influencer Marketing Company. If you are an influencer, by now you probably already know that every influencer marketing company adds their fees on top of the KOLs’ prices and only then discloses the price to clients. This allows the Influencer Marketing companies to use the system to their advantage, as they can add any hidden fees on top of the Influencers price and no one will know. Well, except everybody knows, don’t we?

SushiVid is really trying to push the limits, by being first to guarantee, what we claim KOL’s price to be, is the price client sees! This was a huge step for us, and after lots of thinking we have decided it’s time to take this new step towards a clearer and better industry for us all! This is why we have rearranged our pricing structure and we now call ourselves The Transparent Influencer Marketing Company! 

Being fully transparent allows us to provide the clients with the exact rates given by KOLs without any markups. The markup is now replaced by stating the exact % SushiVid will be adding as a fee for a particular campaign.

For example, how it worked before:

Actual KOL cost: MYR100
Client sees as: MYR120 (implying that the markup is 20%)

How it works now:

Actual KOL cost: MYR100
Client sees as: MYR100 + 20% SushiVid Fee
The fee will defer based on a campaign urgency, complexity and it’s uniqueness.

SushiVid wants to be better. That is why we want to build a clearer, 100% transparent KOL Pricing structure between both Brands and the KOLs themselves. We want brands to know exactly where each dollar goes when they work with SushiVid. We want KOLs to know they earn the exact amount they ask for and not a penny less. We want all of you to know we are 100% transparent with all of you and we earn purely based on honesty and trust we build with each other. 

We hope we can build a much better, stronger relationship with our clients and KOLs by enabling the KOL Price Transparency guarantee.

If you found this article interesting, do share it with your fellow KOLs, as we want all of the KOLs out there to be aware about our new strategy!

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