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What Is The True Definition of Influencer Commerce?

Posted on November 27, 2020

Hi SushiVidFam, 

Influencer commerce is a new strategic approach implemented by brands and marketers to generate leads and sales. The true definition of Influencer Commerce is the act of using influencers to drive and channel traffic from their audience to your website or e-commerce platform in order to generate sales. 

Instagram Shop

The way we see influencer commerce is a technique to encourage influencers to endorse your brands. Currently, in the USA, Instagram has a feature called “Instagram Shop” where influencers will endorse products and tag the products to the designated website. This feature has been around since March 2019. 

On top of being paid to create and post content about the products, influencer commerce is a brand providing a commission for influencers for every purchase made based on the traffic they have driven. 

How? You might ask. Unfortunately, the “Instagram Shop” feature is yet to be made accessible to the Southeast Asia region. This lack of access to Asia has made brands become resourceful.

Brands will reach out to influencers and provide them Promo Codes which their audience can insert at checkout. In a way, influencers become your endorsers. An example can be seen from Zalora campaigns asking influencers to direct their Swipe-Up link and Link In Bio to their website with promo codes for a certain percentage off their purchase or other perks.

The Success Story of Daniel Wellington

Influencers will be more motivated in their content creation and posting frequency to promote the product. We can look at Daniel Wellington’s success story based on their Instagram ads and content. Overnight, Instagram was taken over by these elegant watches being worn by influencers from all corners of the world. 

Daniel Wellington’s content is known to incorporate their watch with other designer names in one outfit such as Dior, LV, and more. If you look at their content, it is selling a way of living. The people at Daniel Wellington realise their watch is not for everyone. Hence, they created their own niche of individuals who prefer to look classy in every outfit. They put the watches alongside designer brands to indicate the watches are owned by people who can afford these designer brands. The genius part of this plan is their watches are known to be affordable luxury watches that drives their sales. To this day, Daniel Wellington is still endorsing influencers with their own promo codes and actively sending their products to influencers across the globe. 

Influencer Commerce Through Live Stream 

A new influencer commerce technique is also emerging in Asia through live streaming. In China, live stream influencers are able to generate at least 20,000 product sales through live streaming. Influencers would go on live through the Taobao app and promote products that can be purchased during the live session using a feature which adds it to their cart.

Lazada and Shopee have launched their own version of the live stream as well. SushiVid ran a campaign with Lazada for their Laz-Live feature which encourages influencers to do live for 30 mins 5 times a week in return for RM100 Laz-wallet. Influencers will go on live and endorse the product by reviewing it in detail. The viewers are able to directly add the products to their cart. 

SushiVid also provides packages for live stream influencer commerce which includes rental for a well-equipped live stream studio and script for the live stream. Aside from postings on the influencers’ social media, influencers will also promote the live stream and the promotion during the live stream. 

A disclaimer when approaching influencer commerce campaigns, you might not see the increment in sales right away. Think of influencer commerce as an investment which is why it is crucial to choose influencers who are able and dedicated to selling your product. SushiVid offers training to influencers on their live stream hosting skills. We also have a list of influencers who have shown potential in selling through live stream. We have a number of influencers who have made over RM500 worth of sales. 

Increase Your Leads Through Influencer Commerce With IGLinks

Nonetheless, we notice most brands will be limited to direct their audience for boosted advertisements and the influencers’ audience to only one call-to-action. In order to optimise your investment in influencer commerce, we highly recommend using IGLinks as a mini webpage to promote your brand. 

SushiVid’s newest partnership, IGLinks.io offers brands the opportunity to create a mini webpage with important promos, vouchers, reviews with no hassle. Designs for the website are predesigned and if you are conducting a campaign with SushiVid your IGLinks will be whitelisted. 

Your influencers will direct their audience to IGLinks containing a list of promos for different target markets that will be redirected to your website. IGLinks’s unique feature allows you to obtain insights for each link. This will make it easier to know which target to hit next. This will work well if your campaign is done in a few phases. 

Ask influencers to insert your IGLinks.io webpage in their Swipe-Up link and Link In Bio for better results. The increase in SEO and SEM for your brand and website will simultaneously increase your website’s google ranking. 

If you ask us again in a year what is the definition of influencer commerce, the answer will definitely be varied but as of today influencer commerce has shown the positive impact influencer marketing has on the market. 

To know more about our influencer marketing packages, be sure to contact our sales team at khalis@sushivid.com. 

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