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The Top 5 Influencer Marketing Strategies To Grow Your Reach

Posted on December 3, 2020

Haluuu SushiVidFam, 

If you’re new to influencer marketing you are probably excited and confused at the same time. Throwback to years ago, it’s the same feeling we get as kids in a candy store with a piece of RM10 from our parents. How did you handle this situation when you were younger? Did you go for the most sparkly expensive candy in the store or did you survey all your options and choose the best one that fits your taste buds? 

We believe all of you would answer the latter. This is the same concept as influencer marketing. When you first decide to work with influencers, everything seems shiny and sparkly but don’t be fooled by the expensive candy packaging. In order for you to produce leads through influencer marketing, you will have to do some research on the best influencer marketing strategy for your brand. 

Really get to know your brand and your audience. We highly advise you to head over to your Insights and go analyse your data regarding your audience before diving into influencer marketing. Same technique for your website as well. Gather the informational gist regarding your audience in order for your influencer marketing campaign to produce ROI for your brand. 

1. Reviews 

The most common influencer marketing campaign is asking influencers to review your service or product by posting pictures or videos on their social media platform. 

Through the rough eye, influencer marketing reviews seem simple but you need to carefully choose your target market and the most suitable social media platform to market your product. Brands like Fashion Valet, Rizman Ruzaini, and Naelofar are a big success on Instagram. Therefore, they maintain their focus on influencer marketing through Instagram. Meanwhile, there are brands that have proven their success through other social media channels. 

The Ordinary’s sales spiked through the roof during the first pandemic lockdown worldwide. They partnered with TikTok influencers and before long everyone was getting their hands on The Ordinary products. Locally, brands like Velvet Vanity Profix and The Charcoal made a massive hit by promoting their products on Twitter. 

You can also get creative with your content and expand your reach by including a variety of content in one campaign. Don’t limit your campaign to one content on one social media. Break it down to different content like Instagram Posting for pictures and a video on TikTok. Remember to create a catchy #hashtag for your campaign so you can keep up with all of your influencer content. 

The influencer’s followers might have questions regarding the campaign. Make sure the audience is not in the dark. Reply to the comments. Technically, it’s not stalking or the equivalent of something creepy. Your influencers are your ambassadors but they might not have the same information as you. 

Take full responsibility to make sure the audience reaches the Call To Action. 

2. Partnerships/Collaborations 

Another method to conduct influencer marketing is through long-term partnerships or collaborations. Some brands offer influencers long-term collaborations which are not always monetary. You can supply influencers with your products monthly of their choosing with a KPI of postings they will need to upload monthly. 

However, we all know not all influencers will agree to non-monetary payment in this pandemic situation. Spice your offer up with a monthly basic pay for their posting with the products. A loophole around this is by giving influencers a promo code that they can announce to their fans and receive a commission for each product sold. At least there is a form of payment within the campaign offered. 

3. PR packages 

PR packages are common among brands. We’re sure you’ve seen influencers do unboxing videos of products and influencer telling their audience how much they love the product received. 

In this situation, it can go 2 ways. Firstly, the influencer does an unboxing video, thanking the brand and explaining about the product and its benefits. Moving forward to a few days/weeks/months after, influencer never again endorses the product. Despite getting brand awareness and reach for their posting, in truth this method is hard to convenience the audience. 

We have listed the types of PR packages you can send to influencers to create brand awareness for your products/services.

Launch for new product(s)

Holiday PR packages - e.g. Christmas, Hari Raya, Valentine’s Day

Birthday surprise for influencer

Anniversary of your brand

Promotions on certain products

4. Emotional appeal

Emotional appeal is the art of connecting to the audience’s emotions with your campaign by implementing influencer marketing with the influencers’ faces to build trust between the brand and the audience. Emotional appeal ranges from sex, attractiveness and empathy.  You can create the best Instagram advertisement ever for your brands but without proper marketing, nobody would know about your campaign. Thus, getting influencers in on the campaign and promoting your advertisement will grow your reach and content. 

Utilising influencers into your campaign by appealing to the public’s emotional quality will be even better. An example of emotional empathy appeal would be asking influencers to inform that 10% of your total purchase will be given to proceeds. The audience will be inclined to make their purchase decision. Below is a powerful example of an emotionally appealing advertisement which shows the effect of deforestation. 

After seeing that picture, most of the audience will be against deforestation because of its effect on our fauna. You can think of a few more emotionally appealing strategies for your campaign or better yet consult our social media experts for consultancy at khalis@sushivid.com

5. Creating #hashtags for your campaign

#Hashtags can measure the effectiveness of your campaign. By implementing influencer marketing a repetition will occur for your #hashtag which will increase your SEO/SEM on Google’s algorithm. Simultaneously, Google will promote your brand to the audience with similar interest to your product/service. 

Another method is to create a #hashtag with value for the audience to recreate the content. An example would be implementing a discount code for the audience that post a picture or story on Instagram. Aside from that, create a catchy #hashtag for your brand which the audience will feel excited to be apart about. This will ensure you #hashtag lives on the way past the campaign. 

6. Try out new social media platforms (TikTok/Bigo)

We know we said 5 but we’re adding another one in because we want you to succeed in your campaign! This strategy came with the increase of TikTok’s popularity. Do your research on the influencers you choose for your campaign. In order to grow your reach to greater lengths, run your campaign across multiple social media platforms. This is why #hashtags are important to track your campaign. By delegating the content to different platforms, you are killing a few birds in one stone by reaching out to different audiences. 

We know it can be a handful to handle a campaign with multiple social media platforms at once. So, let us help you. Contact our experts if you have any questions at khalis@sushivid.com.

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