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Let's See What Isti.qmrh Has Gained From Influencer Marketing

Posted on December 10, 2020

Hi SushiVidFam, 

This week’s blog is in conjunction with our upcoming FREE WEBINAR on How to Make A Career In Influencer Marketing with only 2,000 followers with Azureen Sophia & Nabilah Jasni happening on the 10th December 2020. 

We had the pleasure of working with Isti for both long-term and short campaigns. She is truly an inspirational influencer who has a lot of passion for content creation and keeps her cool under all circumstances. Head over to Isti’s Instagram to get to know her. We’re proud to say you’ll stumble upon many collaborations for skincare, cosmetics and so much more on her platform. We have seen Isti’s content quality improve in such a short amount of time. 

Therefore, we interviewed Isti and she has shared some of her tips and tricks to keep your audience interested and growing as a social media influencer below. 

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself & your influencer career.

Hello! My name is Istiqamariah but everyone calls me Isti ✨ I am currently a full-time student and part-time influencer. I am passionate about beauty. Fun-fact: I offer makeup services too! 😚

2. How long have you been an influencer?

I’ve been an influencer for 6 years. I started when I was 15 and it’s been a wonderful journey. I do recommend for everyone to start their influencer marketing career early in this digitalised era. 

3. Why or how did you start influencer marketing? 

I started early being in front of the camera at the age of 13 years old. I know some might say that was way too young! Didn’t understand it at that time but I found it interesting and fun to do videos. Since that very day, I created more videos. The most memorable thing that I still remember to this day is at the time I didn’t get brands to approach me for free stuff! So I bought a lot of stuff using money that I save just to film a haul video and that video received 10k views. I was 14 at that time. It’s one of my proudest moments as an influencer. 

4. How did you first discover you want to make a career being an influencer? 

The first brand contacted me when I was 15, they asked me for a quotation for a video post on Youtube. I was impressed that influencer marketing could help me make a career out of it. Also, people seemed to enjoy my content and the products I recommended. 

My first campaign with SushiVid’s was the Shopee campaign and the pay was good too! So starting from that day, I keep doing the content as my career and SushiVid has been helping me stay consistent as an influencer with campaigns. 

5. How was your first campaign experience?

It was fun! I got to experiment filming based on my creativity. The video was me doing a makeup tutorial and I had fun with the campaign.

6. What is the difference between freelance campaigns & SushiVid’s campaigns? 

What I love about SushiVid’s campaigns is that they give me very detailed briefs and instructions on what we should do and film. It was fun and easier to work with SushiVid.

7. How did collaborations help you grow as an influencer?

I think collaboration helps me to be known by more brands! It helps me as an influencer to score more campaigns! 😍

8. List 3 things you love about being an influencer.

Free stuff 🤪 (of course, who doesn’t, right?)

Getting to try new products before it was launched to the public

The flexibility of work time

9. How many campaigns have you done from the start of your influencer marketing career?

OMG, to be honest, I don’t have too many campaigns but currently, I am doing over 2-3 campaigns per month. 

10. How many campaigns have you been a part of this year? List some of them.

A lot, hahaha! But the most fun one were Shopee, Lazada, Placentor, Watsons, Joox, Hanajirushi (Live Stream)

11. How do you create creative content for your followers? 

I always do something that I think will be fun to read and see! Also, I always take pictures in situations that are kind of relatable with my followers because I think they love something that they experienced too. My advice would be to try to create relatable content for your audience.

12. What kind of content do you think will come up in 2021? 

Tiktok and Live Stream! I am now working to increase my views and followers on Tiktok too! 

13. As an influencer you’re also an entertainer, producer, videographer/photographer. What's the most challenging part of being an influencer (for you) that people need to know about the whole process? 

The challenging part is when I need to reshoot the whole video and picture because the client rejected it. It does hurt but we need to keep our chin up. Also, when no one was around to help me to film, it takes a lot of effort to produce the short videos influencers create on Instagram. The reality is that not a lot of people know of all these challenges we are going through. 

14. What's the process with SushiVid when you run a campaign? 

It is so smooth, easy and fun! I am the one that always procrastinates over my work (don’t procrastinate over your work, kids!! 😂), but when I do a campaign with SushiVid, they always provide a deadline and with a deadline, I’ll be more discipline to do the work! 😍

15. Do you see yourself doing influencer marketing for the next 5 years? 

Yes, of course! 😍😍✨ I love doing content but I hope to have more time and learn how to multitask 😅😂 

16. What progress do you think influencers should set for their career? 

I think influencers should know what they are passionate about! If they love beauty, they should set their influencer marketing career for beauty-related campaigns! 😍 Don’t do something you are not passionate about because it will show that you are not having fun!

17. What's your moral cause as an influencer & how are u showing your support?

My moral cause as an influencer is that I always want to spread awareness about skincare to the public. I want them to know what they should not put on their skin. I also should always be ethical and be honest to my followers.

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