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The 10 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Influencer Marketing

Posted on December 17, 2020

Hi SushiVidFam, 

In today’s blog post we are about to tackle the top 10 most frequently asked questions about influencer marketing. Before we dive in if you’re running a new business venture which requires a mini webpage to display your products or services, let’s try out our partnership platform IGLinks.io

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1. What is influencer marketing? 

Influencer marketing is a branch within marketing solutions for brands to source out influencers (commonly knowns as KOLs) to promote your brand, product or service. Influencers would be the influential figures on social media platforms. In other words, influencers are brand ambassadors or spokesperson for your brand. 

2. What are the models? 

There are 3 known influencer marketing models as of now. Refer to the models below. 

a. Cost-per-post

Cost-per-post is common on social media. You can witness it every time you scroll on social media. Influencers who post sponsored content with brands such as Watsons, St Ives and so much more. In this medium, influencers are paid based on their content deliverables and posting on their social media. In this medium, influencers will participate in the creation of their content. 

b. Cost-per-share

Cost-per-share is a smaller margin where influencers share the brand’s content. Influencers will not be involved in the creation. Content could be your promotional poster or newest product. Influencers will share it across all of their social media platforms. 

c. Cost-per-sale

Cost-per-sale is a new medium that has already been long implemented in China. It is however very new here in Malaysia. In cost-per-sale, influencers will create postings with your brand and only be paid when there is a sale made depending on the commission margin. 

3. What kind of influencers? 

In our Sushi dictionary, there are 5 tiers of influencers. Despite their follower count, each influencer plays a vital role for different effects in influencer marketing. 

Seeders - ranges between 2k to 10k followers

Micro - ranges between 10k to 50k followers

Mid-tier - ranges between 50k to 100k followers

Macro - ranges between 100k to 300k followers

Alpha/Celebrities - over 300k followers

4. Who creates the content? 

There are multiple scenarios where brands are in the dark about the content creation for your influencer marketing campaign. Normally, brands will discuss within their marketing department regarding the direction of their content along with their creatives. We will commence the campaign and ensure KOLs gives the best quality content for your brand. 

Nonetheless, if you’re unsure about what content to create, feel free to talk to our experts and they will guide you with the best strategy for your campaign at khalis@sushivid.com.

5. Where will they post it? 

This depends on your target audience. This is why insight is important. Most brands do not realize that social media insight is a big clue to getting to know your audience. If you have more orders coming in from Facebook, instead of switching it up, use it to your leverage and hook bigger fishes with big bait. Influencers will be prepared for you based on the social media platform that you desire. Most common platforms are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok. 

6. How many influencers minimum per campaign?

There’s really no minimum count to start your influencer marketing campaign. The SV Group caters to all campaign sizes ranging from a month to a year. We also provide influencers for long term collaborations with a brand even if the size is as small as one influencer. However, we do advise for you to expand your wings by utilizing a minimum of 10 influencers per campaign depending on your budget. 

7. What is the best campaign for my brand? 

This is the biggest question mark all brands wonder about. Influencer marketing is not a one-trick pony. Therefore, there is an endless amount of possibilities for you to explore your brand. There is no right or wrong answer to this question. Below is a list of questions you need to ask yourself beforehand. 

What are we selling? 

Who is our target audience? 

Which platform contributes the most to my profit? 

How do we ask influencers to promote it on their social media? 

What kind of content would be engaging for the audience?

8. How long is the duration of an influencer marketing campaign? 

The decision is in your hands. No pressure. Our professional advice would be to utilize influencer marketing for at least 3 months so you can see the audiences’ reaction after the campaign. 

We do not advise our clients to run a month’s campaign. To get your audience interested in your brand, they must frequently see your brand pop-up on their timeline to be convinced. As a society, we do not like to be told to buy what is best for us. Instead, we prefer to stumble upon the solution ourselves and convince our minds that it was our choice all along. 

To get your audience to stumble upon their self-discovery journey, you need to equip your ammo with a sufficient amount of advertisements by spreading it across to influencers for a minimum of 3 months. 

9. How do I measure the success of the campaign? 

After each campaign, you will receive a meticulously detailed report on the campaign. This is where it is important for you to set a KPI or goal for your campaign based on the reach or engagement rate. The reach and engagement rate determines how many people reacted to your campaign. These audiences are leads. Measuring your influencer marketing campaign with sales is unadvisable. This is because although the audience did not convert to sales but the advertisement will create high brand awareness with any budget. 

10. What is the ROI of influencer marketing 

The most obvious ROI for influencer marketing is brand awareness. Some might roll their eyes at this but lets us dissect the whole concept. Influencer marketing can provide a brand with a high brand awareness rate because social media offers endless traffic. 

Compare influencer marketing to TV or radio advertising, you can reach a high number of people with an affordable budget. Now let’s compare influencer marketing to traditional methods like flyers and banners. Call us bias but as a green company, we believe you can get almost the same results or even more if you opted for influencer marketing. 

Not to mention, influencer marketing generates leads for your brand which in return will increase your profit in the long run. 

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