5 Best Practices In Influencer Marketing

Posted on May 17, 2021

Hi SushiVidFam, 

In today’s blog post we will be explaining The SV Group’s 5 best practices for influencer marketing. As a company which has been in the influencer marketing industry for 5 years, we believe the following practices are crucial to executing your influencer marketing company. 

Nonetheless, we are constantly crossing new terrains with the uprise of TikTok. We have run a number of TikTok campaigns in the previous year which reached over 70k viewers for one TikTok video. Want to find out to do it? Read more about it HERE

Implement the practices below in your influencer marketing campaign today!

  1. Identify the goal of your campaign

In order for a plane to take off, it needs to have a destination. This step requires you to have a formal sit down with your team and decide on the KPI for your influencer marketing campaign. Your goal should not necessarily be hitting your sales target. 

Your KPI should be measurable, achievable and realistic to the campaign. As we have mentioned from time to time, influencer marketing is an optimum utilisation tool for brand awareness. Brand awareness comes in many forms such as the introduction of a new product, information on the product or conversion posting to nudge viewers to purchase the product. 

We highly advise brands to initiate both soft and hard-sell marketing methods into one influencer marketing campaign. This will help you identify which strategy works best for your product or service. 

  1. Hire influencers who specializes in your industry 

On average, one influencer may have at least 3 industries she specializes in such Kylie Jenner who is known for her makeup, skincare, fashion and looking boujee all the time. It’s definitely a smart move to choose an influencer which represents your brand. Nevertheless, there are influencers who are able to promote any products from different industries. These influencers are often trending and versatile within the community. 

For product reviews on your product, the smart choice for your campaign would be to hire an influencer with a large audience from your brand niche. However, if it's on social media platforms choose influencers that can provide quality content to your campaign. 

You don’t have to follow the exact norm of having only influencers in the same industry. You can shake it up with other influencers but make sure it shows chances of creating an impact for your campaign. 

  1. Determine your desired social media audience platform

Based on your product and price value, you are able to determine the social media platform you should be targeting. Mature audiences above 30 years old are more prone to use Facebook. Meanwhile, people under the age of 30 are more likely to spend more of their time on Instagram or TikTok. 

Start evaluating the reliability of your product or service to your audience. Gather your information based on past sale information and determine your targeted social media platform from there. 

  1. Give freedom to the content creator

The beauty of hiring influencers is they have their own individual personalities online. So, instead of micromanaging influencers to follow your guide or spoon-feeding them with a guide, try communicating with your influencers to create content according to their own style. 

To ensure that the campaign’s message does not derail from its purpose, provide specific points they need to mention in the video, story or review. Content that seems forced will turn off your viewers and encourages them to scroll past your content. Followers are intrigued to know more if the video seems casual, beneficial and interesting. 

Communication is essential for this method to work. Thus, speaking to your influencer and providing feedback on their ideas will be beneficiary for both parties. Icing your influencers out and instructing them to follow specific guidelines might jeopardize the content creator’s working experience with your company. 

  1. Track analytics to measure your ROI

This point relates to the first point above which requires your brand to set a goal for the campaign. The analytics can be tracked with the Call To Action feature within your campaign. Measure the number of orders, sales or traffic has been made to your directed link. 

A simple explanation is if the situation within your campaign was for the influencer to direct the influencer’s audience to your iglinks.io to purchase your product, track the number of visitors which the campaign was able to bring to your mini-page. 

Be sure to keep a record of the number of visitors before, during and after your campaign to see the impact influencer marketing has provided to your brand. 

For more specific analytic measurements for your influencer marketing campaign Sign Up as a Brand on www.sushivid.com or talk to our social media experts today at [email protected].