Boosting contents on social media has its own challenges

Posted on July 13, 2023

Boosting content online can be an effective way to reach a larger audience and raise awareness about your campaign. However, it's not always smooth sailing, as our boosting team recently discovered. As easy as it may seem, but our boosting team faced several challenges along the way while trying to boost our KOLs’ contents. Let's look at the hurdles we encountered and how we overcame them. 


Disapproved Ads  

The first challenge we encountered was having our ads disapproved due to their perceived connection to financial matters. Our intention was to create awareness about scammers, but it seemed that TikTok misunderstood our intentions. It was frustrating to see our efforts go unrecognized and disapproved. However, we didn't let this setback discourage us. Well of course we did not sit back relax when our contents got disapproved. To overcome this obstacle, we carefully reviewed our ad content and clarify the objective of the content. After a lengthy waiting time, we managed to get an approval from TikTok.  

Managing Timeline with clients, KOLs and third parties 

Another challenge we faced was the extended waiting period for feedback from third parties. As a marketing agency, we realize the busy schedules of our clients, KOLs, and third parties. We understand that they have their own commitments and responsibilities to attend to. 

Therefore, we strive to provide efficient and effective services that accommodate their busy lifestyles. By acknowledging their time constraints, we aim to streamline our communication and collaboration processes. We prioritize clear and concise communication, ensuring that important information and updates are delivered promptly and efficiently. 

Complicated settings

Our team faced some complicated situations along the way, especially when setting up boosting on Meta. We faced an issue where the boosted views not aligning with actual views on KOLs’ posts as some of the ads went to different platforms based on the target audience. The numbers just didn't add up, making it a real challenge to track our progress and to update our clients. To top it off, the ever-changing user interface (UI) and confusing settings on social media platforms kept us on our toes, requiring us to provide continuous guidance to our KOLs. However, after boosting few campaigns, we managed to learn how the settings work. It's okay to take baby steps, you’ll learn along the way!  

 All in all, our boosting team faced multiple challenges while trying to boost contents on social media. However, by adjusting here and there, we were able to overcome these obstacles and it taught us lessons too. To have an improvement, we need to face some obstacles. With these lessons learned by SushiVid’s boosting team, we will try our best to work better with clients and brands! To find out more about boosting, check our previous blogposts or reach out to us at [email protected] / [email protected]