Explore the Benefits of Boosting with us!

Posted on July 4, 2023

Hey there, social media enthusiasts! Are you ready to take your brand on a next level? Well, we've got just the fuel you need to power up your journey: content boosting on social media! Just to share, there is a difference in boosting an ad and boosting a content. Boosting a content is more authentic as the video is featured with influencers trying/using/wearing your products and their reviews are always genuine. Start now and here's why you need to boost your contents on social media: 

Reach for the Stars 

Imagine casting your content like a shooting star across social media universe. Boosting allows you to extend your reach beyond your organic following, grabbing the attention of a broader audience. With each boosted post, your brand's visibility soars to new heights, attracting potential customers who might have never discovered you otherwise.  


Engage with your target audience 

Boosting isn't just about reaching more people; it’s about who you want to reach. By targeting specific demographics, interests, and behaviors, you can connect with your ideal audience. Think of it as a secret weapon to capture their attention and make your contents visible in the eyes of your target audience. SushiVid’s boosting team will help you choose the target audience that best suits the content.  


Utilise evergreen contents to the fullest 

Boosting evergreen content in your next campaign allows you to save time and money by reusing valuable, relevant content that has already proven its effectiveness. By leveraging existing content instead of creating new material from scratch, you can streamline your marketing efforts, maintain consistent (and historically effective) brand messaging, and achieve a higher return on investment while maximizing the impact of your campaigns. But please take note that this only applies for evergreen contents. 

Images : Boosting rocket illustration

Outshine Your Competitors 

We are living in an advanced technology where competition is everywhere. But fear not brave brand warriors! Boosting your content gives you the edge you need to outshine your competitors. By investing in reaching a wider audience, you can reach previously untapped audiences. Your boosted content will capture attention, engage with people, and win the loyalty of your audience. (shhhh.... this could leave your competitors trailing in stardust). 


Optimize your budget  

Rather than utilising 100% of your budget on KOLs to post contents, take out a portion of your budget and allocate that amount for boosting. Spending some budget to spread the content beyond its reach. Boosting helps brands to gain more reach than the contents would organically hence it would not be a waste of money. In SushiVid, we can advise an optimum budget for you because we want to help our brands/clients get more views, reach wider audience and increase awareness.  



There you have it! Boosting your content on social media helps you to gain what you desire. With increased reach, wider engagement, and the ability to outshine your competitors, you're on the path to conquering the social media.  

If you don’t know where to start, SushiVid team will guide you in the best way we can as we are now offering boosting services. Drop an email to our boosting team [email protected] / [email protected] to know more about our offerings.  

Happy boosting!