Get to know Aiman Rahman: Hero Remaja, a non-beauty influencer's YSL TikTok video that hit millions of views!

Posted on September 6, 2023

1. Can you describe the start of your influencer journey?

Let’s just start with the story of how I became Aiman Rahman. First and foremost, I still remember those days back in 2013. I was in highschool. I was really obsessed with taking photos last time, until I worked my very first part time at my uncle's shop just to get a salary and buy a brand new Camera DSLR. I remember those Canon DSLR still bear in my hand. HAHA! All the photos, videos, and that silly content went viral through Facebook back in 2013. Then, I decided to make it as my content with my friends. It blew up until I got into Keek Apps last time and got 2 million views. I moved into twitter and still it went viral with the hashtag #aimanrahman which was a social trending hashtag in 2015. Next, I downloaded my first Instagram in 2016 and it went viral too! I started a business with my sister called @ARCO.MY and God raised me with a good heart and all the fans buy because of me. Then a miracle happened in my life. I went to a reality TV show audition called HERO REMAJA 2017 and I was part of the Top 20 contestants. Starting from there, I manage myself to give some inspiration to the youngsters/youth to just be yourself. Dreams do come true soon. Until now I am here happily and feel so humble that anyone can be an influencer. Don’t give up, chase dreams because time will not turn back. My inner vision always told me “You gotta do what is right to do. Be a leader and the miracle will happen after that.'' trust me, this really works! To many many years cheerful of Aiman Rahman :)

2. Did you expect the number of views you received on your viral TikTok videos when you created them?

I never expected those! Because when you give too much of a high expectation it will automatically draw you to less hope. I always do content about people. About me, my family, my friends, society or even my pets with these 5 elements (Funny, Facts, Religion, Tutorial and Family). Trust me, when you do consistency content with those elements it will go viral! TikTok is not everything, everything just needs to be yourself.

3. How did you feel at the moment you realized your YSL video went viral?

I felt inspired actually. The moment before I wanted to create the video I always knew it would become viral. Because you see, I put some elements of those five subjective. By using trending songs, catchy content ideas and of course with the element of love and family. People love to see! If it’s funny and sweet it will become more viral! Haha!

4. Since that day did you get any brands knocking on your door asking for collaborations?

I had a few brand collaborations buzzing on my WhatsApp! It is all because of the SushiVid team! They put so much effort to let KOLs feel happy and enjoy while working on any content! I really hope that I will be in the wishlist bucket from SushiVid to get more collaborations soon. Cheers and love to the SushiVid team! <3

5. Now that you have thousands of followers, how has your life changed and how do you handle the fame?

It’s changed 180 degrees! Sometimes it feels good, sometimes it doesn't. It’s difficult I must say, the criticism known as “keyboard warrior” is not healthy. People will judge you anyway so just be yourself! Keep positivity in your head. Just do whatever you love to do. This quote I can give to you from my own heart “BETTER TO HAVE A SHORT LIFE THAT IS FULL OF WHAT YOU LIKE DOING, THAN A LONG LIFE SPENT IN A MISERABLE WAY” just be happy and be yourself! :D

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