How to make a video go viral

Posted on August 12, 2016

If you’re in the YouTube game, a viral video is the holy grail. For Influencers it means more followers. For a brand, it means free exposure across news networks and social media. But how do you get there? Find out how to make a video go viral.

According to our friendly southern neighbours, it’s all about the tomfoolery. That’s right. This week Melbourne production-company, The Woolshed Company , revealed they’d been faking their viral videos to explore the phenomenon. And it worked – their videos were viewed 205 million times in eight countries.

Of course, not everyone has the budget to splash out on special effects, which is why we’ve compiled our favourite viral videos, with a host of tips to emulate their success.




Who knew a Chewbacca mask could deliver such pure joy? But for this American mum, the excitement was so much that she had to don her Chewbacca mask in a carpark. This video works because it is totally kooky, but also, because it was uploaded to coincide with the latest Star Wars instalment - #trending.

TWO ­>



Has a President ever been so smooth? Or personable? Or wielded social media like such a pro?

It’s these unique qualities, and Obama’s willingness to entertain the people he leads, that has seen this video go viral ten times over. If it was possible (and we had a right to vote) we’d be electing Barack Obama as President of the United States forever. In the meantime, let’s hope Trump never tries this. EVER. That would be the wrong kind of viral!





Fact. People coming out of anaesthesia are hilarious. Just think back to one of the first viral videos - ‘David after the dentist’ . So why not take advantage of that fact and convince your drugged out sister that the zombie apocalypse is coming? Stopping at nothing to pull off their prank, the family even made it on to the Ellen show (and you know how much we at SushiVid LOVE the Ellen show).





Like Chewbacca Mom, timing was key for this video. Uploaded in time for the release of the latest Fast instalment, the search terms probably fuelled some accidental views (viral video pun intended). Still, our nerd has the driving skills to back it up. Nothing like the element of surprise and dispelling stereotypes to deliver the laughs. Even better, this is Malaysian and the team got sponsored by Triton! KL drift anyone?




The music. The remorse. The story. The feels. We aren’t going to spoil this Thai commercial for you. We’re just going to implore you to watch it.

The lesson - sometimes you’ve just got to evoke an emotion if you want your video to go viral.

SIX > Animal Madness

No viral video compilation is complete without our furry friends. Whether they’re being cute, human-like or mischievous, people go crazy for animal videos. Here’s a few of our favourites:



Guilty dog eat all the snacks



Racoon tries to wash his candy floss



Christian the Lion




Since its release just over a week ago, people have taken to the streets in droves to find animated creatures. Billed as the best-augmented reality game yet, Pokemon Go has exploded. As at writing this, there were already over 9 million Pokemon Go videos on YouTube… we don’t want to blow your mind with exponential maths but imagine if each of those became a viral video in its own right…

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