The Solution To Maximize Your Link in Bio!

Posted on August 24, 2020

Hello influencers!

We have BIG NEWS & we're excited to share it with you! Drum roll, please! 

I’m sure all of you have faced this trouble before - you have loads of links to share, but you can only insert one link in bio. But now, you need not worry anymore! We have a solution for you! 

Come say hello to our newest partnership - IGlinks! You can now gather all the links & promo codes that you receive from brands and insert them all in one platform to generate one special link with all your endorsements. Hence, our motto - “1 link to rule them all”. In case you guys didn’t catch that, it was a reference from Lord of the Rings. We love a good pun here at SushiVid 😂


SushiVid wants to make influencing easier for you. Although some people might think changing your link is no trouble but when you have more than 2-3 campaigns within the same time frame, it’ll get annoying to change your link in bio frequently. The solution to your problems lies in the simple steps below :

Step 1 - Head on over to 

Step 2 - Click on Sign In (and Sign Up)

Step 3 - Click on Create New Link and give your link a fun name

Step 4 - Upload your display picture & give a title for your page (don’t worry, you can change this anytime)

Step 5 - Organize your links

1. Add a Title for your link/promo code 

Click on the “+ Title (no link) and you can add as many Titles as you want. If you are working with multiple brands or for different brand industries you can just list the brands’ names or promo as the title. 

2. Add Link 

Now click on the “+ Link” button and insert your promo link. Here you can add the Link Title and insert the Promo price in the “Label” (if you see fit)

3. Upload Image 

You can even customize a picture to your link. An example would be if you had a promo code for Traveloka, you can insert a picture of the places you’ve been to sponsored by Traveloka. A picture of you & the product or place is always the best option.

4. Preview 

To make sure you love the design there is a preview at the bottom for your reference before you publish your link. 

Step 5 - Insert your contacts 

Here you can insert your WhatsApp number, Facebook Messenger, or Email. We do advise to include your business number instead of your personal number. You can also customize the message they will send to you when they get your contacts from IGlinks. This feature will help brands to find you. 

Step 6 - Insert ALL of your social media profiles

This will help your followers find you on other platforms. You can include your Facebook page, Twitter, Youtube Channel, Instagram, Tik Tok, and even your LinkedIn Profile. 

Can you believe you can do all that in just less than 5 mins? Try it out yourself today & tell your friends too. This news is worth sharing! 

To learn more about the IGlinks set up, check out our last Live Webinar on our Facebook Page to find out more! 

Happy influencing!