[Tip 8 of 8] Influencer Marketing: Should You DIY Or Agency?

Posted on January 30, 2018

In an article written by InfluencerLogic, it is stated that 84% of marketers are planning on implementing at least one influencer campaign in 2017. So, that means you should jump onto the bandwagon, right? *#FOMO*

Influencers are individuals who have the capacity to influence and drive consumers’ decision making. This is because consumers are becoming more skeptical towards ads and prefer listening to recommendations from trusted personas - Such as our fellow influencers that are everyday consumers just like us. So right now you’re probably thinking, DIY or agency? 

Here are some pros and cons for both sides to help make your decision.

Do it Yourself

To be really frank, DIY will be good for you to test the waters but has more cons than pros.


  • You save on budget. End list.


  • Time consuming

    Finding for the right influencers may be tedious and time consuming especially when you don't know what you're looking for.

  • Insufficient data 

    Influencer Marketing isn't just about finding an Influencer with the highest follower. Thorough research needs to be done to ensure they are suitable to tell your brand story. 

  • Unclear strategies

    Running campaigns may be difficult if strategies and metrics are unclear. Not knowing where to start, which direction you're going and what your end-target is. 


The agency’s role here is to optimize and streamline influencer marketing campaigns for you. They work seamlessly with brands and influencers to effectively organize and manage several campaigns at one go.


  • Maintains strong ties with both influencers and brands 

    Agencies have been in this business line for a while. They understand the goals, purpose, requirements and other aspects in a brand to carefully hand-pick the right influencers.

  • Connects brands with relevant influencers 

    Searching for relevant influencers can be a tedious and time consuming process. Agencies have the database accumulated over time and hard work.

  • Experienced 

    Well, agencies are more experienced and know what they're doing. They have professionals to advice them and ensure the best possible results that will benefit the Brands

  • Agency formulates and negotiates contracts/rates 

    There is no fixed rate for influencer marketing. It varies from one influencer to another- depending on the size, follower base and engagement rate. Agencies will try to help Brands get influencers within their budget and still get good outcome.


    • Cost can be higher -Well, you are going through a middle-man.

    • Things often happen behind closed doors in the agency.

    • Response time is slower.

    • Agency can potentially lack industry specialised knowledge.

    • Brands have to develop a good process for content approval to ensure quality control.

    In conclusion, many startups and small businesses decide to go with platforms to manage their influencer marketing. Anyways, who knows your brand better than you do?

    However, it’s undeniable that agencies and platforms are well experienced in their respective industries and are more familiar with the ups and downs. If your budget allows, consider using a platform with a team of influencer experts to ensure the success of your campaign.

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