Top 10 Fitness Influencers In Malaysia

Posted on January 30, 2018

A healthy lifestyle is what everyone should aim for- Yes, having 6-packs abs and a gorgeous booty is definitely a bonus. Not all of us have the discipline to train ourselves into looking like Victoria's Secret or Calvin Klein Models 

But that isn't the case for the TOP 10 Fitness Influencers. They inspire everyone through their fitness journey- posting before and after pictures, sharing healthy recipes, workout routines and constantly reminding us to never give up!

Despite his busy schedule as a lifestyle influencer- travelling and seeing different parts of the world, Cyrus Yong still manages to maintain his hard-earned body and keep up with his health routine. Talk about dedication!

This gym junkie is all about #positivevibes. His short captions of motivation reminds us that we must work hard in order to achieve our dreams- In his case, his dream physique. 

Being a former member of Malaysia's under 18 National Basketball team means rigorous workout routines and strict diets but his passion for basketball is what drives him further. He has even broken his leg 3 times and came back stronger than ever! If that's not dedication then I don't know what is. "Life is tough but it ain't gonna kill me that easily" - Tan Wing Jet, 2017.

Whether it's diving the deep blue ocean or doing street works in Sydney Beach, Emerson is an adrenaline junkie that graces us with his Instagram page filled with his hard-earned physique and motivating captions reminding us that with discipline and dedication, we will reach our life goals. 

26 years-old with looks and physique that are magazine cover worthy. Hafizuddin is not only dedicated to being in the best shape but he is also the founder of Doux Skin Care- Stressing the importance of taking care of our skin. 

Whether it's modelling or shooting a short film, Philip Yeoh can do both. With his handsome features and model figure (duh, he's a model),
Philip is living the good life. He looks the way he does through months of hard work and determination while some of us are still embracing our couch potato-ness

You might have seen Edison in a few commercials - GSC Cinema, Pizza hut and many more. This freelance commercial talent not only looks good in videos but being a fitness enthusiast and having a fit figure with looks to match landed him the title of "Man of the Year Malaysia 2016".

Eggie Yeen- A femme fatale with a smile that could light up a room. Don't let it fool you though! She spends hours in the gym to be in the best shape and health. Eggie has another instagram (aside from her personal page) dedicated to sharing her workout journey and healthy recipe ideas @eggie_fitness.

Regina 'bombshell" Zilin Tan- A Singaporean certified personal trainer with a killer body that she spent hours in the gym working for. Her captions emphasises on positivity and determination- Gotta work it to earn it!

Fashion and Fitness- That's the best way to describe Adrian Khor. He's either slaying the hipster look or killing it in the gym. Adrian is also into comedy- Making comedy videos with his friends and putting a smile on our faces!

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