Top 4 Most Disgusting Videos on YouTube


YouTube serves many varied roles – it entertains, it educates, it evokes. It’s the marketplace you need to be embracing if you wish to get millennials behind your brand. And, it’s sometimes a little disgusting. Actually, it can be more than a little disgusting.

So for those of you who like things a bit Dumb and Dumber, here’s our Top 5 Most Disgusting Videos

Hot dog, we have a wiener!

Okay, so it’s maybe not the most disgusting on this list, but we simply couldn’t miss the opportunity for some ‘pundemonium’ (get it?)! Both educational and disgusting, this video on how hotdogs are made may have you swearing an oath of vegetarianism on the spot. Sometimes ignorance really is bliss!

Pulling off my dead toenail

We’ve all been there – struggling with a toe nail that’s literally hanging by a thread. However, most of us would probably not think to film the event. But, according to YouTube, approximately 1,720 other people did. Most are just run of the mill toenail pulling spectacles, but one person went the extra mile, flinging said toenail at their sister. As The Inbetweeners would say – BRILLIANT!

Opossum stomach worms

A few weeks ago, I barely even knew what an opossum was. Now I know how to massage one, and what their innards look like when infected with worms. The big question is whether I can hold onto my breakfast. You’ve been warned.

25 year old blackhead


Alarmingly, this is the only video on the list which came with a warning that content may be inappropriate for some users! After telling YouTube I understood and wished to proceed, I wished I hadn’t. Reminiscent of a childhood game of Operation, gone very, very wrong, this blackhead removal procedure is 6 minutes and 17 seconds of squeamishness.


For those who are interested, I managed to hold onto my breakfast. Just. So good luck with yours SushiVid fans!


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