Updates To Our Payment Process for Influencers

Posted on January 12, 2024

Starting 20 Feb 2023, our payments will be managed through a new payment gateway, Billplz Sdn Bhd. Going forward, only verified bank accounts will be able to receive payment withdrawals. The payment gateway will need to verify your information, such as your bank account details, IC or company registration number, etc. Once your information is verified, Billplz will deposit the funds into your account.

For first-time users of Billplz, this process takes 3-5 days. After that, you should be able to receive payment promptly. Please check your email at every stage, as we will keep you informed of the payment status. Billplz may also send you a small amount, RM0.01, in order to verify your account. Don't worry, this is not your payment from SushiVid!

You may update the wallet now so that you can save the 3-5 days verification process OR you can update the wallet when you are withdrawing. Please take note on the 3-5 days delay. 


See images below:
Step 1: Sign in to SushiVid as an influencer, click on wallet

Step 2: Click on Bank Accounts 

Image 1: SushiVid homepage when you are logged in as Influencer 

Step 3: Select the Bank Account

Image 2: SushiVid Wallet Page

Step 4: Save and select 

Image 3: SushiVid Page When Filling Up Bank Details 

On your bank statement, it will show the name 'Billplz' followed by a series of random characters instead of SushiVid. The payout amount is the actual amount that you withdraw after deducting SushiVid management fees (we will start charging from 1st April 2023). 

You can verify your Billplz Payout Reference ID from your SushiVid account page. A sample of what it will look like in your bank account can be found in image 4 below. 

Image 4: What it will look like on your bank statement 

Another thing, Billplz will need to have funds to disburse to our influencers. As they are not a bank, they are not authorised to hold a lot of funds at any point in time. Therefore, sometimes we may be delayed because the SushiVid team will need to also monitor the Billplz account and insert funds to the account where necessary. For now, we will only be replenishing funds once a week. We would like to process payments more frequently, but this schedule allows us to be more efficient with our time. We appreciate your understanding.

Thank you and have a great day ✨

Alina from Sushivid