What’s Good to be Promoted via Live Stream?

Posted on April 17, 2020

With COVID-19 and the current MCO arrangement, we’re sensing there will be a boom and demand in Live Streaming. The majority of the people are staying home and glued to their phones during these times. It’s definitely a good time to promote your brands and create brand awareness with the help of live streamers.

Why Livestream?
  • You are able to reach a new audience and possible buyers
  • You can increase their perceived trustworthiness by using live streaming, that leads to greater influence and better conversions when promoting a product
  • It’s more engaging and feels more genuine. You can reach new audiences that do not enjoy scripted videos or blog posts via live streaming.
  • More interaction. The audience can ask questions or concerns about the product and they can get a reply on the spot.
Doesn’t that sound enticing to you?

Well, we have enlisted a list of product categories we think are good to be promoted via live streams in the comfort of our own homes:-

  • Skincare cosmetics

  • This is a no brainer! Promote sell your beauty products through the live stream influencers where they can give an honest review, tell their audience about the benefits, usage, texture, scent and much more! It’s even more attractive if it can be bundled with crazy deals or promotions.

  • Kitchenwares

  • Now that there’s more time at home, Malaysians are spending more time cooking and baking! Items such as kitchen appliances, utensils, cookware, and even dishes can be promoted at our home kitchens!

  • Home fitness

  • Gyms are closed, you’re not advised to jog outside too. People are getting antsy at home with all the pent up energy. Promoting and selling fitness equipment is a great idea now.

  • Delivery Services

  • Got services that offer buying groceries, picking up documents, delivering food? Live stream influencers can help you promote your services too!

  • Pre-packaged food

  • Cravings!!! Cravings everywhere! Take advantage of this time and promote your mother or grandmother’s recipes (trust us, they will love it!)! Be it serunding daging, cookies or cakes. I mean who can turn those down?

  • Games

  • Just launch your mobile game or board game? Get a gaming livestreamer to play and promote your game! Their audience can see the streamer’s reaction and their reviews in real-time. Gamers, are you ready?!

  • Home improvement and DIY products

  • People are decluttering and organizing cause now their home is a temporary office. They are now looking into light fixtures, organization system and decorations to spice up their living area.

  • Electronics

  • From hair appliances to vacuum cleaners or even light bulbs and phone chargers. There’s a variety of items in this category that can be promoted effectively with the help of live stream influencers. Honest real-time reviews are what audiences would love to get from live stream videos.

  • Moms Babies Products

  • There are so many possibilities under this category from confinement products, starting packs for newborn babies and new mothers, organic ingredients for baby’s food, Mothercare baby care products for all soon-to-be or existing mothers and babies out there! Trust us, we would really appreciate these!

Obviously, there are many more items that can be promoted or reviewed by the live streamers. It’s just about finding suitable influencers to host for the specific product!

Interested to find out more? Let’s arrange a chat with our SushiVid’s live stream team, Armand at [email protected], we have got your back! 😉