5 Ways to start marketing on YouTube

Posted on November 18, 2015


Recently we told you that, like sushi, YouTube video marketing is big business. So big in fact that it’s starting to make a dent in the more traditional advertising mediums. You see, YouTube isn’t just a place to upload videos, it’s a marketplace too. That’s why everyone, from established brands to start-ups looking to make their mark, needs to embrace the change and looking to purchase advertising space on the site. Here we focus on five simple ways to spread your message via YouTube a.k.a. YouTube marketing

1. AdWords

AdWords allows you to advertise by text, image or video in different areas of YouTube; whatever suits you. One of its strongest features is that you “ only pay for engaged views” that is you only pay for space when viewers have chosen to let your ad play for a set period of time. And, with all the fancy analytics tools available, you can effectively hone and direct your content at your target audience, thus increasing the likelihood of your ad being viewed.


2. Broadcast your live event

If you’ve gone old school and decided to launch your product offline, but still have some fabulous tricks up your sleeve that the world simply needs to see, why not live stream the event on YouTube? With audience engagement key to social selling, YouTube have created a platform that allows you to connect with viewers throughout the event!


3. Product placement

Product placement has been a staple of television and movies, popular because, unlike traditional advertising, it is subliminal and cannot be switched off. And, it’s effective. According to Priceonomics, total product placement spending of $7.55 billion in 2010, translated into approximately $14 billion in value.

Not wanting to miss a share of the pie, YouTube has relatively strict rules relating to paid product placement, so check here if you don’t want to fall foul of these. This is a topic we are likely to delve into in further detail in the future, so keep your eyes on SushiVid.


4. Cards

Snap! Running on a similar premise to the childhood game (where the card you want is your call to action i.e. to snap) are YouTube cards. As 9 to 5 Google explains: “Cards on YouTube are a way to add an extra layer of interactivity to a video by, say, including a link to a project on a crowdfunding website from directly within the video player.” There are different cards to suit your needs – cards that will link to your landing pages for merchandise, fundraising, video, playlist, associated website and fan funding. A quick and simple route to conversion if ever there was one!


5. Homepage Roadblock

Okay, this is one for when you’re flush with cash, but we all need goals to aspire to! For less than the cost of a Superbowl advertising segment (but more than a Porsche), you can purchase 24 hours of exclusive advertising space on the YouTube homepage. When you consider that approximately 70 million people visit the YouTube home page every day, you probably won’t be too upset about (temporarily) foregoing the Porsche.

Of course, if you can produce a video of a cat making sushi, you may as well just retire. That there is the YouTube holy grail my friend! Otherwise, check out our guide to getting more views on YouTube.


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