Dance with me, Nicole Yie

Posted on June 19, 2019

Nicole Yie is one of the nicest influencers we've had the opportunity to work with here at SushiVid. A fun fact about her, even though she is a dancer, but she is prefer to on behind the scene and taking in the video is not her style. Let's check what kind of personality she is!

1.  What 3 words do you use to describe your content?
Detailed, organised and beauty. 

2. Sometimes you do video as well, what is the most difficult part of video making?
Honestly I find it speaking to the camera itself is more challenging than editing the video, so mostly I prefer to do overlay or video without me talking.

3.  How would you normally do if you would have to write a review for certain brand but their product is a bit off?
I would tell the brand first, and if they are fine with my honest opinion, I will write it out but not in a harmful way. If they don’t like it, I will not write the post at all.

4. What do you think are the important elements that every blogger should have?
Be honest. Even if they don’t want to break their relationship with the brand or Pr, they should let their audience know what’s good to use and what should be avoided.

5. How do you deal with haters and negative comments?
I would either ignore them if I don’t need to, or I will thank them for their mean comments cause they remind me not to be like them, and they are part of my view counts anyway.

6. How is your experience on SushiVid so far?
Good! The staffs are really friendly and easy going.

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