Get to know Afiq Nazary: The #1 Real Social Entrepreneur

Posted on May 29, 2023

1. Can you describe your influencer journey in one sentence?

Influencer journey is never part of my plan, the main intention of doing the videos is mostly to share my knowledge to the public as part of my social contributions to the society.

2. Can you tell us your first experience getting a paid sponsorship, how did the brand find you, and how did you know how to price yourself?

My intentions on doing the videos are never to harness profit or make revenues in the market, instead, it is more to deliver and add values to the committee and up until now, I never know how to price myself to any brands.

3. Now that you have thousands of followers, how has your life changed and how do you handle the fame?

Nothing has ever changed since I put myself in the public eye, as I try to portray the real me in the 'real' life.

4. What is the reason that encouraged you to create financial-related content?

The main reason that encouraged me to create financial-related content is only to add values to society. Chasing fame is never part of the programme. My sharing on all the business-related contents is to add more values to the society.

5. Ringgit is considered weak nowadays, what is your take about this?

In terms of business POV, we need to be creative in managing risks and conflicts such as weakened ringgit. You need to be innovative in your business modules and you will be surprised when your company turns out well.

6. What are some words of wisdom that you would impart to us, to protect ourselves from the effects of price inflation?

As a business owner, keep lots of cash reserves and buy only the things that you need and please take good care of your health, mentally and physically.

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