Get to know Blake Yap: The Chinese TikToker who loves Tamil culture, aka Chinepaiyen

Posted on May 29, 2023

1. When did your first experience as a content creator begin?

It began in 2010 on YouTube, YouTube was the way to go for creators to showcase their talents and I did jump aboard that train when it started!

2. Can you share with us the inspiration behind your love for Tamil culture?

It began in 2010 when many of my friends were Tamil speaking, I would be sitting with them and they would converse in Tamil and I would ask them to translate for me, but at that point at the age of 17, I was wondering if we pride ourselves as a multicultural, multilingual country why can’t I speak or understand a few words of Tamil at least to converse? So I took that frustration and anger and I started asking my friends to teach me Tamil. After that, I continued the journey of learning by watching Tamil movies and listening to Tamil songs and the progression of making Tamil music videos on YouTube.

3. What do you hope to accomplish as you continue to spread Tamil culture through your social network?

To show love and appreciation to the Tamil community and to show people there is a way to make content that is inclusive and paying tribute to the audience that you are making the content for and also because we live in a society that discriminates against people of darker skin colours and I use my platform to voice out against it.


4. How does your family feel about the content you produce?

Probably content creation 10 years ago didn’t make sense to many people including my family but I stuck it out long enough that it became a norm and I was part of the evolution through many different platforms, today, they totally understand what my hard work over 12 years have paid off in a way that has built audiences in Malaysia and India.

5. What do you think people misunderstand about your work the most?

I think from a local perspective people are still not used to inclusive Malaysian content as there aren’t many being represented in the media, and I will continue to break grounds as one of the pioneers of Malaysian content in Malaysia and represent Malaysia on the international field. From an international perspective, people still have a hard time grasping that Malaysia consists of different ethnic groups and it is our job to educate and portray them in our artworks.

6. What would you want to say to all your fans who enjoy and love your work?

I want to say, I'm able to do what I love to do now and it's all because of my friends and fans in the Tamil community in Malaysia and India that have embraced me, educated me and motivated me with open arms. There is much more to create and learn and I look forward to using my platform to entertain, educate and advocate against the discriminatory system toward the minorities.


7. Could you please give a short testimonial on SushiVid? What was your experience like with us?

SushiVid was the start of my content creation monetization journey, the platform helped guide me to work with big well known brands as I grew as a content creator and I am looking forward to working with the platform again.

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