Get to know Prestonles: The professional photographer & videographer with magnificent results!

Posted on May 29, 2023

1. How and when did your influencer career start?

I started as an influencer when I first started my photography career 10 years ago. I shared my works on Instagram and I got quite a lot of reactions to my posts, and slowly and then, I got signed by a social media agency to be their KOL and my first social media campaign kick started.

2. On a typical day, how much time do you dedicate to content creation?

It depends on the content's requirements. Some may just take 15 mins for the production, some may require up to 6 hours. Usually video takes a longer period to produce, including preparation, props and timeline planning.

3. What is your biggest achievement in life so far?

My biggest achievement in life is that I’m able to start my career/company at my young age, so that I can master everything and enjoy freedom of life without clocking in/out. Another achievement in life is to be able to capture photographs of Tun Dr. Mahathir.

4. What was the most creative project you worked on recently? What was the inspiration behind it?

I’m constantly working and updating for my photography series, which is stranger series. I capture photographs for strangers on the street, and sometimes I makeover them. I love seeing someone’s smile and satisfaction after I send them my photos. It makes me contented.

5. You are known for producing a high quality content, could you share a few tips on how you achieve that? Any advice to other KOLs who would love to improve on their content quality?

Always check on the content from TikTok / Douyin, exp viral/trendy videos, learn about the transitions and color grading, and how to capture from different angles. You can also learn some skills just by watching youtube videos on some tutorials. Lastly, it's always better to use professional camera, instead of phone due to the dynamic range and sensor size, it will technically improve your content quality.

6. Tell us about your experience working with SushiVid?

I've worked with SushiVid for several years, and I will never stop working with them because when it comes to job briefing and follow up, the team is very clear in instruction and spontaneous.

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