How to be a successful influencer on YouTube

Posted on November 2, 2015

Sometimes you meet people who are living the dream. Those who have cast off the shackles of a fixed address and the corporate world. They may have a bit of fuzz on their chin, but they aren’t destitute and unkempt. Nor are they a pack of 2 Minute Noodles away from starvation. In fact, if you catch them at a bar, they’ll probably even shout you a drink.

Today, we look at the basic considerations you need to make to join their ranks and become a successful entrepreneur on YouTube.

1) Equipment

When you have to fit your whole life into a backpack, you can’t be weighed down with too much equipment (though you can never have enough shoes).  The equipment you require will largely depend on the genre you choose – your webcam/smartphone camera and basic software package may be sufficient in some circumstances and not in others. But, as Biz 3.0point out, it’s not just your laptop and smartphone you have to consider; there’s also office membership cards to consider, emergency battery extenders, sim cards for your laptop and clothing that stores your gadgets.

2) Skillsets

Whilst the right equipment will allow you to make aesthetically pleasing videos, you’ve got to have the goods to back up the footage.  So before you get started, consider your strengths.  Are you a great speaker?  Are you funny?  Will people take what you have to say seriously?  If you are uncomfortable on camera the audience will pick up on this.


3) Choose your workspace carefully

What are the chances of you actually achieving much work by the poolside bar?  Sure, you may feel creative post cocktail number six, but chances are the video will be as blurry as you are.  You need to find somewhere that inspires, but doesn’t distract you.  Digital nomad Ally Basak Russell told Forbes that she often chooses accelerators and co-working spaces because:  “they usually have reliable Internet and printing facilities, and it’s fun to learn about nuances between cities by chatting with the resident entrepreneurs.”  And that’s an important point – beyond the atmosphere, you also need to be able to readily upload your videos to YouTube. If you’re still not sure, why not have a look at Fred Perotta’s handy tips on finding a remote office location.

4) Selecting a genre

As we noted above, the equipment and genre decisions go hand in hand.  If you are limited in what you have to hand, then you might be best reviewing websites and software.  If you have a device that allows you to take decent video footage, which you are able to edit with ease, then why not consider documenting your adventures.

5) Marketing prowess

If you don’t want to hitch across Siberia, you will have to keep the cash rolling in.  First, you need to be attracting people to your site and getting hits – SEO and taglinesare going to become increasingly important in your life.  Secondly, you need to consider selling out to the very man you were trying to escape in the first place and open your channel up to advertisements.  SushiVid will continue to post an array of blogs covering these subjects; we suggest you continue to check in with these before committing to the life of a Digital Nomad.

So bon voyage dear nomads.  Be sure to send a (video) postcard and keep us posted on your adventures! Do check out our tips on making a viral video.


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