How To Prepare For Your Shopee Live

Posted on May 12, 2020

Hey influencers, 

Have you been approached by our SushiVid team for a ConfirmPlusChop (CPC) Live Stream campaign? This is a step-by-step walkthrough on all you need to know before your big Shopee Live! It consists of 2 simple steps. 

Step 1 - 

Set Up Your Equipment

Make sure you prep all your live stream equipment and your guides at least an hour before going live. If you want to read more about the preparations and equipment you need to do a live stream, read our blog post on Tips and Trick To Become A Live Stream Influencer. 

Step 2 - 

CPC’s Shopee Account

Our Person In Charge (PIC) will pass you the login details for Shopee Live. We are confident all the influencers working under CPC will keep all information shared between CPC and the influencer private and confidential. Thank you for your discretion! 

To start your live, log in to our CPC Shopee Account then : 

a. Head to the Shopee profile account

b. Click Live Streaming
c) Insert Title & Description

Come up with a fun and interesting title that relates to you which includes the name of the product. Something that benefits viewers by viewing the live stream. E.g.: Glass Skin Night Time Routine -

For the description, come up with an eye-catching review of the product. You can include the transformation you have experienced, the benefits of the product, a secret ingredient in the product or even a method to solve a skin problem with products. The description needs to be alluring to the viewers but also beneficial. 

d) Insert Live Stream (LS) Cover

Upload a picture of yourself holding the products. If you want to get creative, head over to Canva to create your own poster with details such as your name, a picture of the product, a picture of you. Drive the attention to you and the brand too. This way, both parties will benefit from the live stream. You can also include your IG name in the poster. With this, you can promote the replay on your social media account for your followers to watch in the future. 

e) Add Products to Cart

Add all the products you will be talking about in your live stream to the cart. Cross-check all of the products you have selected with the brief given by CPC. Necessary precaution steps are needed to avoid going live and realizing you missed a few products. See, once you have gone live, there will be a little Cart icon on the viewers’ screen during your live session. The products you have selected will be available in the Cart which makes it easier for viewers to purchase the item. We want to ease the viewers’ process of purchasing to build credibility for more campaigns to come.

f) Its Show Time - Go Live!

Click on the Go Live button and you will be Live! When going live, it's always good to plan the plot of your live stream beforehand. Think of your live stream like a story then plan and practice the flow before going live. Plan your intro, rising action, climax, and resolution for the live stream. 

The most important aspect of your live stream is to circulate it around the Call To Action (CTA) which is for viewers to click onto the products and eventually buy the products. During your live stream session, you are able to add and change the items onto the box display in your top right corner. This way, viewers are able to keep up with which product you are describing during the live session. This is also another method of easing the viewers’ purchasing process. 

All in all, be yourself, have fun, and provide an informative live stream for the viewers. They are not there to get the full purchasing experience. So, you are their eyes, ears, nose, and touch senses. 

g) IMPORTANT - ScreenShot the viewers


After the live stream session, your screen will display a page that shows the number of viewers, likes, and the duration of your live stream. It is very important that you must screenshot this and pass it over to CPC’s PIC. This information will be sent to the brands. 

If influencers fail to screen capture the displayed screen, wait for 5 minutes to refresh your phone and the information will be displayed in their live stream replay. By any chance, influencers accidentally delete the live stream and are unable to send the viewer reports, influencers must understand they might be excluded from future CPC campaigns. 

Live stream influencer marketing is fairly new in Malaysia and we want to make brands feel more confident to try it as part of their marketing strategy. Thus, it’s crucial that CPC and influencers work hand in hand to provide brands with smooth live stream campaigns. Our goal is to create a domino effect for other brands to hop onto the live stream marketing wagon and provide us with more campaigns in the future. We are inviting influencers to create a new wave of influencer marketing that starts now! Good luck!