Tips And Tricks To Become A Live Stream Influencer

Posted on September 6, 2023

We know live stream has been around for a while now but influencers are slowly realizing the enormous potential behind it. In September 2019, a Chinese influencer, Cherie banked 5mil yuan (RM2.9 mill) in 10 minutes by selling Malaysian homemade bird’s nest on her live streaming session. Ka-ching! Livestream influencer marketing has been booming in China since last year. Now we’re not saying you’re going to make millions in 1 live stream right away but everything is possible. 

SushiVid has had the opportunity to experience a live stream brand campaign on Taobao Live with Chinese influencers, and are working with a few local live stream platforms at the moment. Based on our hands-on experience, we want to share our SushiVid Tips & Tricks To Become A Livestream Influencer with everyone. 

Ample Preparation Required Prior to Live Stream  

Based on our experience, the preparation phase of your live stream is the most crucial. Treat your live stream like your own TV show which means you will need to plan the wardrobe, makeup, lights and more. 

1. Location

No, we are not talking about the Khalid song. Choose a place with limited distractions and noise pollution. Make sure your live streaming location is a safe zone where you are comfortable to be yourself like at a :

  • - Study

  • - Home - Private Room

  • - Unless you’re already a seasoned live streamer, we don’t suggest walking around while live streaming, it gives your viewers a headache.

2. Equipment

People assume that you don’t need a lot of equipment and props to live stream. That’s one of the perks of life today, just our mobile phone will do! However, in order for you to be taken professionally as a live stream KOL a few simple pieces of equipment can help. 

  • - Ring light

  • - Tripod for your phone (Make sure you try out both horizontal and vertical camera angles)

  • - Microphone (if you’re doing singing type live stream and your phone microphone isn’t as good - test it out!)

3. Background Preparation 

We are asking you to take your decorations, backdrop, and props very seriously. Nobody likes to see a backdrop of your untidy bedroom. Just a tidy room will do. Examples of well thought out background preperation from Aisha Liyana’s Youtube videos who not to mention is also a SushiVid influencer : 

Fairy lights and simple decorations to create your branding

Having more than 1 background for different live stream topics


Keep your background in order

If you want to do it up, you could head over to our favorite shop, KAISON! Make sure to prepare a checklist with all the decorations and props you need for the live stream. 

4. Wardrobe

Let your personality shine through your wardrobe. Livestreaming is about building a brand for yourself. As long as you look presentable, you’re good to go. We included a few fun ootd ideas from our #SushiVidFam Joan and Alina below : 

1. Content Points

To avoid getting tongue-tied during your live stream. Prepare a few simple notes to remind yourself of your live stream objective. Set a time limit for your live stream so you focus on the task. 

2. Post IG Stories

Post a story or multiple stories informing all your followers about the Date and Time of your live stream session. As your followers will mostly know you personally, having friends in your live stream to support you will make the live stream session more fun. 

3. Mental Prep

Every KOL will have the same question running through their minds before going live - “What If No One Watches My Live?”. Going live on social media is similar to going live on national TV. It doesn’t matter if no one watches your live for the first 30 minutes or even or even if no one is watching at all. The objective of your live stream is to educate the viewers about your product so carry on like a pro. It will definitely build trust between you and the people who watch the live stream video in the future. 

This is it! Your Moment to Live Stream

We know live streaming can be nerve-wrecking especially making sure you have an audience during your live stream. We have listed a few ways you can attract more audience to your live stream. 

1. Make an impactful Introduction

At the beginning of your live stream introduce yourself to your audience. Even if no one is viewing, it doesn’t matter because it will help you shake your nerves off with an ice-breaking session. Also, if you’re on Instagram Live, it will show your live for 24 hours and people viewing it after won’t have to watch you awkwardly sitting there for 5 minutes. 

2. Engage with your Audience

The biggest advantage of live streaming is its authentic engagement. There’s a number of ways you can do this. 

3. Shoutouts

  • - Ask Questions

  • - Ask Opinions

  • - Interactive Games

  • - Ask Audience Experience

4. Promotions/Discounts/Giveaways

Another way to increase your viewers is by offering promos codes, limited discounts during your live stream or even giveaways. Word of your live stream deals will be passed to other viewers automatically increasing your viewer count. 

5. Call to Action (CTA)

Figuring out your CTA is pretty simple. If you’re promoting a promo code, be sure to pin the promo code in your live stream and include it in your bio as well. Also, mention your CTA every 5 - 10 minutes so new on-going viewers are well-informed. 

It’s Not Over… Post Live Streaming 

A lot of people think there’s not much that you can do after a live stream session. Actually, there is plenty you can do to drive traffic to your live stream. 

Post A Story. Don’t Kedekut on Your Stories 

Thank the followers who joined your live and mention events that happen during the live. Get people curious to watch it again. Mention your CTA link in your bio but ask the audience to watch the live stream for the explanation. 

Ini Kali Lah! ConfirmPlusChop 

ConfirmPlusChop is a platform under The SV Group that offers brand campaigns on a commission basis. Meaning you get paid for every product sold. Instead of Cost Per Post, KOLs are paid based on Cost Per Sale. Influencers are given commission based on the number of products they sell.

That concludes all our SV Tips and Tricks To Become A Livestream Influencer. Now you’re all ready to hit that Live button!