Impressive Facts You Need To Know About Influencer Commerce

Posted on November 27, 2020

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We’re back to talk about one of the upcoming trends of Influencer Marketing in 2021 -- Influencer Commerce. In case you are wondering what is Influencer Commerce, be sure to head over and read our previous blog posts on the definition of Influencer Commerce.

influencer commerce is a technique to encourage influencers to endorse your brand on their social media and in return receive a commission for every purchase made from their traffic. In today’s blog, we will be sharing 3 impressive facts you need to know about Influencer Commerce. 

1. Brands Have Made Millions From Influencer Commerce

Daniel Wellington is one of the brands that have made millions in sales with influencer marketing. In the early years, they gathered the resources they have which was around $30k at the time and invested it in influencer marketing. They started by sending their products to influencers and provided a 15% code for their followers. Today, Daniel Wellington is a $228 million empire. 

Another brand which has made millions from investing in influencer commerce is ASO., is perhaps the biggest fashion e-commerce site in the world, their revenue in the year 2015 was reported at $2 billion. ASOS’s strategy was they created “sponsored accounts” for their influencers which are dedicated to posting pictures of the influencer wearing clothing that are from the e-commerce platform. These accounts are known as ASOS Insiders. ASOS was able to leverage from the influencers’ followers by providing a link that leads their audience to purchase the product. 

2. China Live Streamers Make Millions In A Year From Influencer Commerce

China’s live stream industry grew tremendously in the year 2016. Based on there are 6 categories of live streamers in China which are: 

  1. Performance: Chatting, singing and dancing by a good looking female or male influencer

  2. Outdoor events: Traveling, shopping or other outdoor activities

  3. Gameplay: Playing popular online games like League of Legends and Dota2

  4. Sports game: Live professional sports matches

  5. Education: Lessons about math, finance, health, etc

  6. Technology: Presentations of new technology and relevant products

3. Influencers have become millionaires from influencer commerce 

In the United States, several influencers realised their influencer commerce potential in their field of expertise and have developed their own multi-million dollar companies. 

In 2014, Jeffree Star, a Musician turned Makeup Expert YouTuber established his own cosmetic company launching only 3 products at the time. Today, Jeffree’s net worth is 200 million dollars because of his cosmetics brand. Jeffree promoted his product on his Youtube channel and sent PR packages to his fellow influencers with their promo code with a percentage off for their followers. 

We know Kylie Jenner is considered a celebrity more than an influencer but we have to give credit where credit is due. Kylie is one of the most active Kardashian sisters on social media platforms. She has been able to stay relevant even throughout the switch in platforms from Vine to Keek to Instagram and now Tik Tok. Today, Kylie is the highest-earning sister amongst the Kardashian clan. 

In Malaysia, Tyra Kmrzmn has a similar success story. The influencer launched her cosmetic line with 3 blushes. Her brand has grown ever since. Quite recently she posted on Instagram of her first car purchase which was *drum roll please* a Mercedes. Tyra is only 21! 

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